Weekly Recap 12-17-12 to 12-23-12

I wasn’t really going to do a recap this week, but then it turned out I did have a couple of things to talk about.  Another week of good intentions got shattered by long days at work and other obligations.  I had an errand to run on Tuesday night so I didn’t get my run in that day, then stayed late Thursday after a crazy day at work and didn’t even attempt to run on my tired sore legs.  Got in a short run on Friday.  Celebrated the winter solstice with a 90 minute yoga session on Saturday morning, and then my long run plans for Sunday morning were dashed by a lack of sleep the night before and sub-freezing temps that morning.  Any evening running plans were laid to bed after a delicious Christmas dinner at my sisters house.

Starting weight – 238.4
Monday – REST
Tuesday – REST/Busy
Wednesday – Spinning – 50 minutes + Yoga – 60 minutes
Thursday – REST/Busy/Tired
Friday – Run – 3 miles
Saturday – Yoga – 90 minutes
Sunday – REST/Christmas
Total Mileage – 3 miles
Ending Weight – 237.4

Somehow I managed to lose a pound this week, which I’m certainly not going to complain about.  My only goal from now til Disney is to try to keep it under 240.

I came home from yoga Saturday to find this in the mailbox.










My finishers medal for the Hot for the Holidays Virtual Half Marathon.  I “earned” the medal by completing the Mistletoe Half Marathon, so I was getting double points for my 13.1 that day.  Pretty exciting and a very nice medal for such a low price event (20$) and for such a great cause.  The race organizer posted on Facebook she made a $1,200 donation to the Covenant House in Florida (her goal was $600) and that any money left over after paying to ship the medals would also be donated.  I’m sure she earned her ticket to run in the Disney half as well so awesome job!

Runner Claus also brought me what I asked for which was a gift card to Fleet Feet to get a new pair of running shoes, as well as a really nice RunDisney tech shirt to wear for the race! (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season with friends and family!

Merry Christmas!

Weekly Recap 7-9-12 to 7-15-12

Well I had another kind of rough week, got into a midweek funk that I pulled myself out of by the weekend.  I skipped yoga on Wednesday because my knee was hurting, and frankly didn’t feel like going.  Felt awful on Thursday and forced myself to do a miserable 2 miles on the treadmill.  Friday I went to lift weights and then my Saturday long run was a struggle, but not because of how I felt, just long 5 miles in some brutal humidity.

Starting weight – 259.4
Monday – Spinning – 50 minutes
Tuesday – Run – 3 miles
Wednesday – REST
Thursday – Run – 2 miles
Friday – Weightlifting – 30 minutes
Saturday – Run – 5 miles
Sunday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Total Mileage – 10 miles
Ending Weight – 256 (3.4 pounds lost)

Ok, so normally I get worried with a big loss since the next week is usually a gain, but I think is this case, this is an adjustment from last week’s gain which was from bad food and alcohol and probably a lot of salt levels/water retention etc.  So it melted away as my body adjusted back to normal, and then tacked on a normal loss on top of it.

The exciting part?  This puts me at 1 pound away from 100 pounds lost. I’ve been trying to break through this wall for over a month and I knew it was gonna give me a struggle, but maybe finally, finally it’s coming off.

NSV (Non-Scale Victory) of the Week:  I went to donate blood after my tuesday run.  (I knew better than to donate before).  I asked the ladies if this was OK since I was obviously fresh from working out, dripping sweat.. they said it was fine, just make sure I hydrated.   So I drank several cups of water before they called me back.  Being a bigger guy, and also being 0+ they always ask me to do double units.  The last two times I’ve donated I’ve been rejected for my iron being too low.  This time my iron was way high enough to give doubles, so NSV #1, a huge indicator of my better, healthier eating habits.  Second, after I donated, I walked over to the canteen area, did not feel woozy at all, and so I sat and drank my small cup of soda, ate my cookies, made sure I sat for a few minutes and then left.  In the past, I’ve always felt fine after I sat a minute, but have been a little woozy straight out of the chair, and that was only giving a single unit.  So NSV #2, I’m healthier, and better hydrated as well!

Weekly Recap 6-25-12 to 7-1-12

Had an interesting week this week.  Upped my mid week mileage from 3 to 4, completed my tempo run on Thursday that I flamed out on last week, so that was good and then had my fun volunteering/spectating experience at the Ultimate Runner this weekend.  That was both inspiring and terrifying, those were some FAST runners.  5 minute mile fast.  Holy snot.

Starting weight – 258.6
Monday – Spinning – 50 minutes
Tuesday – Run – 4 miles
Wednesday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Thursday – Run – 4 miles (tempo)
Friday – REST
Saturday – Run – 5 miles
Sunday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Total Mileage – 13 miles
Ending weight – 257.8 (0.8 pounds lost)

I’m still not willing to call this plateau dead, I think it’s gonna fight me tooth and nail still, but two weeks headed down is a great way to finish up June and move into July.

Good Eats of the Week – Couple good things to choose from, but I have to pick the sandwich from Bob’s Big Gas Subs and Pub from the Ultimate Runner after party.  Named (appropriately enough) the Triathlete it had roast beef, ham, and turkey (the tri), havarti cheese, chipotle mayo and avocado.  It was toasted and all bubbly and melty.  I normally don’t care for avocado, but I didn’t even notice it on here since it was just one slice per sandwich.  The bread was amazing and obviously freshly baked and the whole sandwich was fantastic!  Washed it down with some free beer for an all around great dinner.

Weekly Recap – 5/6/12 to 5/13/12

This week was an interesting week.  I was gearing up for my 10K so I played around with my running mileage a little bit.  I intended to do 4 on Tuesday and then 2 on Thursday, but Tuesday I had a work catered lunch and a wedding shower on the same day and running later than normal on a full stomach made me feel tired and nauseous.  Managed to get in 3 miles and then called it a day.  My race was good but BRUTAL.  Very hilly course, but I ran the entire distance.

Starting weight – 263
Monday – Spinning – 50 minutes
Tuesday – Run – 3 miles
Wednesday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Thursday – Run – 2 miles
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Race – 10K
Sunday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Ending weight – 262 pounds (1 pound loss)

Kind of surprised to see a lose this week with the way I ate, but also a little bit disappointed I’m having to lose back weight I had gained the week before.   My race went well and I didn’t run nearly as slow as I felt like I was going, so I guess it was a good week!

Weekly Recap 4-23-12 to 4-29-12

Well, another successful week culminating in a fantastic 5K race Saturday morning and then some much needed yoga stretching this afternoon.  I also tried an interesting new thing for dinner tonight, which I will blog about tomorrow.  My mileage was a little lower this week since the race was only a 3 miler.  I’ll be bumping up my mileage the next two weeks in preparation for my 10K on May 12.  Here’s a look at the numbers.

Starting weight: 263
Monday – Spinning – 50 minutes
Tuesday – Run – 3 miles
Wednesday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Thursday – Run – 3 miles
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Race – 5K
Sunday – Yoga – 70 minutes
Ending Weight –  261.2 (1.8 pounds loss)

Kinda surprised to see another solid weight loss this week, as I’ve mentioned before my 4 pound loss weeks always seem to be followed by a gain, but that big loss was also coming off a month long plateau, so maybe that helped keep the downward trend going.  I should hit 255 (100 pounds lost) right around my birthday at the end of May.  That will be a nice birthday present to myself.

Weekly Recap 3-26 to 4-1-2012

I’m not currently training for anything, but I wanted to continue the habit of doing a weekly training recap.  If nothing else it gives me something to write about once a week when I may not have other things to write about.  I’m about to add some new classes and cross training to my regimen because I just felt like I wasn’t doing enough.  Here’s what I did this week (new daily format)

Starting weight – 265.4
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Run – 3 miles
Wednesday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Thursday – Run – 3 miles
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Run – 4 miles + Yoga  – 60 minutes
Total Mileage – 10 miles
Ending weight – 267.0 (1.6 gain)

First off, I’m not at all surprised to see a gain this week, in fact I expected it.  For two reason, first because my huge losses (4.6 lost last week) almost always seem to be followed by a small gain, just the way my body adjusts I suppose, it never fails.  Second, I suspected I was eating too few calories during my couple of weeks of not logging, but I had no way to tell, so I assumed I would gain a little as I increased my intake to get back on my plan and my body will have to adjust again to it.  Small loss or hold pat next week and then maybe start losing again I hope.

I’m adding a second day of Yoga to my workout schedule, I feel like I’m ready that I can handle that and also help with the extra stretching.  I’m also going to add a cycle class  on Monday’s for cross training.  A lady in my Wednesday Yoga has been trying to convince me to come to cycle, so I’m gonna give it a shot.  Hopefully I can keep that up.  Here’s what my schedule will hopefully look like with the new classes:

Monday – Cycle
Tuesday – Run
Wednesday – Yoga
Thursday – Run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Run
Sunday – Yoga

I am also going to start running on the greenway midweek cause I am sick of the treadmill, so while it’s worth it for the  yoga alone, the extra classes will also help me feel like I am getting my money’s worth out of my YMCA membership.

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