Mistletoe Run Half Marathon – Winston Salem, NC – 12/1/12

This morning I ran in my third half marathon and the second in a series of three races in 67 days which will culminate in Disney on Jan 12 and qualify me for the Half Fanatics.


Running only a month after Raleigh, I wasn’t planning to try to PR again, and in fact I didn’t really have any reason too try.  The Mistletoe is a walker friendly event with a four and a half hour time limit, so I was in NO hurry.

My friend Jennifer who finally got back into running last week with a Turkey trot, was on hand to run the 5K with her daughter Abby.


The first picture didn’t take and Abby caught us by surprise by this one.


Abby made us a cheering sign!

The race started promptly at 8:15 (which is nice since last year it ran very late) with a loud bang and a puff of smoke.  I never did see what they fired off but it was big, of course the Artilleryman in me was very interested in what it was but I never did see it.  We looped around Hanes Park and then ducked into the Buena Vista neighborhoods, which is “the nice side of town”.. Big old stately homes, some of them very large.

About a half mile in, as I’m weaving through traffic I hear someone behind me call out “ERIC!” and of course, even if you’re going to assume they are not talking to you, it’s hard not to turn and look.  I expected to see someone who I knew, but lo and behold it was a perfect stranger and she proceeded to tell me “I read your blog!” Of course my response was “Really?!?”  How crazy is that, and I didn’t catch her name, but if you’re reading this, Thank You Anonymous Blog Reader!

The course was laid out in a “T” shape, where we had a short out and back, followed by a longer out and back at a right angle to the first one.  Well, when we got to the portion where we started running into traffic coming in the opposite direction, they had signs that said “KEEP LEFT” but the oncoming traffic was on the left, so those of us heading “out” were on the right, while those coming “back” were on (our left, their right). At some point I didn’t notice when the people around me got over, and suddenly the oncoming traffic was on their left, my right and I was heading straight into oncoming traffic.  I stayed as close as I could to the very edge of the road, but I couldn’t get over so I was kind of stuck.  Finally a patch opened up and I scooted over to the left but that was frustrating for a minute when all of a sudden the traffic pattern changed dramatically.

After we got into the second part of the out and back, we ran through a couple more neighborhoods and then we snuck into the back part of the Graylen House and Convention Center, which I didn’t realize where we were until we got close to the house, and then we snuck across Robinhood Road on the the Renyolda house property, which is nice but HILLY.  We hit a nice downhill in Renyolda Gardens, but I knew it was going to be brutal on the way back (and it was, I had to walk up it) and then we did a loop around the Wake Forest University Campus, which a portion of that section exactly mirrored a portion of the Law Enforcement Memorial 5K from back in April.  After this is was time to come back.  I was getting tired at this point and I had to walk a few portions, including the monster hill and a couple of the water stops.  But I knew I had plenty of time and I was in no hurry, but the problem was once I stopped to walk it was really hard to get back running again.  I finally worked the kinks out I guess as I was able to keep a steady but slow pace for about the last two miles coming in to the finish where Jennifer and Abby were waiting for me.


Crossing the finish!


And we’re done!

2:48:32 finishing time.  Not as fast as Raleigh, but again I wasn’t trying to be.  All I needed to do today was FINISH.  And I did.  It wasn’t easy, but it was a good race.

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