‘Cause I’m only Half Crazy

When I was in New Orleans at the Rock and Roll Marathon expo they had hats, shirts, magnets and stickers with the slogan “13.1 miles, ’cause I’m only half crazy” It’s a tongue and cheek poke at marathon runners, who are crazy and a statement that half marathoners are crazy, but decidedly less so.  That may be debatable  but I digress.

I have officially joined the ranks of the “Half Crazy”.  As I mentioned in a previous post I decided to run a local half marathon here in Winston Salem, the Mistletoe Half Marathon on December 1st.  I’ve now registered for it and made it official.  Those of you keeping score with the home game will realize that is in between Raleigh (Nov 4) and Disney (Jan 12).  Yes.. I stuck a half marathon in the middle of my half marathon training.  That’s what makes it crazy.

There is a method to this madness.. somewhat.  During a long run around the lake Laura and I were discussing different races and realized that Mistletoe would give me a streak of 3 half marathons in less than 90 days, which is one of the qualification requirements for the running club the Half Fanatics.  In fact this is the lowest, or easiest qualifications.  Other levels include such feats as 12 in 12 months, 52 in a year (one a week), 2 in two days, 3 in 3 days, and other ridiculous things.

The other reason I decided to run this race was because it’s local (no hotel, no long drive, no travel expenses), it benefits one of the local YMCA’s of which I am a member of the region (YMCA of Northwest NC, not a member of that specific branch, but they all work together), and the registration was only 45$ which is ridiculously cheap for a half marathon.  That’s only 10-15$ more than most of my 5-10K’s and it comes with the usual half marathon swag of a shirt, a medal, and (rumor has it) a kicking after party.  With all that, how could I say no?

When I finish the qualifying races and join the Half Fanatics, I will be among friends.  Not just the nearly 3000 new friends I’ll make who are already club members, but Amanda (from Eat to Live, Live to Run), who opened this Pandora’s box and got me into running in the first place, became a member in March after completing 4 half marathons in 36 days, becoming Fanatic #2040. Laura, who I run with at Salem Lake for my long runs, is a member of both the Half Fanatics (#620) and the sister club the Marathon Maniacs, so she’s crazy and a half.  I blame Laura for this… this was all her idea.

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