It’s Official!!

Thanks to the generosity of my parents, who sent me the money to register both as a reward for my hard work and also as an incentive to keep going, I have registered for one of my premier “Destination Races”, #1 on the “Must Run List”, the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January of 2013.

Ever since I took up running 3 years ago, I’ve wanted to run Disney.  Even when I was struggling to run/walk 7 tenths of a mile and was not thinking about anything longer than a 5K much less anything remotely close to half marathon distance, I wanted to “someday” run Disney.  Well.. Someday will be January 12, 2013 thanks to my parents.  And my brother and sister and their SO’s are coming down too for a family Disney weekend and it’s gonna be AWESOME!

Stay tuned for pre-race details as it gets closer, and of course what will surely be an epic, picture filled race recap!

You can check out the Disney Marathon/Half Marathon weekend here at runDisney.


Bib Display

Like most good ideas in the world, I’m sure this has already been done somewhere, but I was pretty pleased to come up with this on my own.  Using the leftover bobby pins from races (and I had a ton of them) I daisy chained my bibs together top to bottom so I could hang them on the wall.

The column on the left are my races from 2012, and that stack will continue to grow.  Chronological order from top to bottom, Running of the Lights (1/1/2012), Winter Flight 8K (2/4/2012), Friends, Fun and Family 5K (2/18/12), Rock and Roll New Orleans Half Marathon (3/4/2012), St Leo’s Road Races 10K (3/17/2012).  The column on the right are my past races that I lumped together since there were only a few, also chronological order from top to bottom, Lillie’s Friend’s Got Friends? 5K (4/3/10), Greek Festival 5K (5/15/10), Outback Bonzer 5K (10/23/10), North Carolina Marathon 5K (11/19/11).

After the race I write on my bibs, the name of the race if it’s not on there, the date if it’s not on there, and my finishing time.  I have the race recaps here on the blog, but that way I can see at a glance how I did.

Must Run Races part 2

My first list of must run races (found here) included Savannah, GA, New Orleans, LA, Chickamauga Battlefield (TN), Cooper River Bridge Run (SC) and the North Carolina Marathon.  I’ve scratched New Orleans off that list, and the NC Marathon has been canceled for this year, so even if I wanted to go (I don’t) it wouldn’t happen this year.  This list of races are all races I am planning on running in the next 12 months, which of course is why they are on must run status if I’m already planning on doing them right?

Shelton Vineyards Running of the Vineyards 10K – Dobson, NC – May 12, 2012
This one is actually coming up pretty soon.  This will be my second 10K and it seems like a really neat location.  All of the Yadkin valley wineries are gorgeous, and while I’m not a huge fan of Shelton’s wines personally, it should be a good time.  My friends Gray and Katie from Raleigh might come up for this one as spectators.  They are big fans of wine and wineries.

City of Oaks Half Marathon – Raleigh, NC – November 4th, 2012
So this is actually called the United Healthcare Half Marathon or some such nonsense, but it’s attached to the City of Oaks Marathon.  I’m seriously leaning towards this race being my second half marathon.  I love Raleigh, I have friends and family in Raleigh, would be a great run.  The only reason I’m not 100% committed to this race is because Kim wants me to run the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon with her like two weeks before this on Oct 21st.  It’s tempting, so now I have a decision to make.  I don’t think I can run them both, from both a travel expense angle and a “two half’s in 3 weeks” angle.  Decisions, decisions….

Mercedes Half Marathon – Birmingham, AL – Feb 17, 2013
This is my friend Amanda’s favorite race, she’s run it the last three years in a row and this year set a new Half PR at it.  If she’s planning on running it next year I will certainly plan on joining her.  This race also has a serious, serious Bling factor.  The medals are like an old school Mercedes logo (the traditional star with a wreath around it) and completely chromed.  Very very nice, must have at least one for the collection.  If not 2013 then for sure 2014.

Flying Pirate 5K and Half Marathon – Outer Banks, NC – April 2013
I don’t know exactly when this race will be next year, since this year’s race is a few weeks away still, so no announcement for next year yet, but I am already planning for this one and will need to register early.  This race features a 5K and a Half Marathon, and the 5K is the day before aaaanddddd (wait for it) they have the Flying Pirate Challenge! Run both races and get two medals and two shirts and surely some pirate bragging rights.  I am SO doing this.  It’s like a mini version of the Disney Goofy Challenge which is a Half, then a Full on two consecutive days.  The 5K is limited to only 300 or so people (this years 5K is sold out) so I know I will have to register early.  This one will be AWESOME.  Can’t wait for this.

2012 Rock and Roll Half Marathon – New Orleans LA

The day had finally arrived.  My first half marathon.  On Thursday I drove down to Montgomery Alabama to my friends house, the McQueen family, who were also running in New Orleans.  I went out with Amanda and ran 2 miles (while she ran 4 in about the same amount of time) which was my last training run before the race.  Hung out in Montgomery for the night and then Friday morning hit the road for New Orleans.

Saturday was the expo and so I went to pick up my gear.  The gear pack came with my bib, a gear bag and a nice Brooks technical T-shirt.  I requested a single XL for the shirt, which is a little tight at the moment but hopefully will fit soon.

Sunday morning came bright and early and I suited up and headed out to the starting area.  Managed to find the Alabama gang in the huge crowd which was a bit of a surprise.  But that was good since I managed to get some pictures.

Me pre-race.

Me and Amanda pre-race.

I walked around the block what seemed like 2 miles to get to my corral, and then waited for the start.  The first corral went off right at 7, and they sent corrals off every 2 minutes or so, so it was about a 40 minute wait for those of us way back in corral 23. So I waited and waited and waited and then finally it was my turn to go.

I felt pretty good starting out, and I jogged all of the first 3 miles, up to the 5K point, which was about 40 minutes in.  I decided at that point to take my first Gu, so I slowed to a walk and took my Gu and some water and then I noticed that my thighs/hips were kinda hurting as I was walking so I started jogging again and then realized that I needed to keep jogging because it felt worse to walk.  I saw Amanda along St Charles avenue where the course doubled back on itself, but I didn’t see anyone else from our crew.  I didn’t carry my camera with me along the race course, so I don’t have any pictures from along the route, but there were the live bands as promised and the water stations and aid stations were well located.  All in all I thought the race was very well orchestrated.  I don’t have another race yet to compare it to, but for my first one at least it wasn’t a disaster.  The course was well marked, I didn’t get lost or anything like that.  I was feeling pretty good until somewhere between mile 10 and mile 11 when I pretty much hit the wall.  I had to really struggle to the finish, but I managed to finish in 3 hours, 11 minutes and 18 seconds.  Here were my split times.  12:40, 13:10, 12:31, 13:54, 13:47, 14:03, 14:44, 14:25, 14:40, 15:22, 15:04, 16:45, 17:37, 14:31 (0.2).  You can see where I hit the wall in the 12th mile.  I managed to pick up the pace a little bit with a jog to the finish.

I was hurting pretty bad by the time I finished, so I didn’t have that overwhelming since of joy and accomplishment that I expected, I was glad to be done and walked through the finish portion pretty much in a daze, grabbed a bagel a banana and a Gatorade, ate that and chugged down the Gatorade, hung around for about 5 minutes of the after party and then caught the shuttle bus back to the hotel for a much needed shower and lunch.  By the time I finished the rest of the Alabama crew was long gone since they had finished well before me.

This is what I got for my troubles, and very nice (and heavy) medal.

Up next, some much needed rest and the the St Leo’s 10K in two weeks.

Bling Baby Bling

I had to share this little bit of motivation.  The Rock and Roll Marathon series posted pictures of the New Orleans Full/Half/Relay medals for 2012.

Green (top) is the Half, Yellow (middle) is the relay and Blue (bottom) is the Full.  I will be rocking the green one up top. 🙂

The picture is from the Rock and Roll New Orleans Facebook Page.  Check them out here:

Week 6 Half Marathon Training Recap – Halfway Point!

Well, we’ve reached the halfway point in two ways.  I’ve finished week 6, and I have 6 weeks left to go.  Also, my long run this week of 6 miles is just under half the distance of a half marathon.  (Next weeks long run of 7 will be just over half of a half).  It’s hard to fathom in a month and a half I will be attempting to run my first half marathon.  Also this week I registered for another race between now and the half and it will be my first race longer than a 5K.  It’s the Winter Flight 8K in Salisbury NC.  I was hoping for a 10K but there just wasn’t one on the schedule.  8K is 5 miles, so I’ve got a general idea from my training how long it will take, and I do know I can finish it, but it won’t be easy.  Here’s a look at this weeks numbers.

Starting weight – 283.3
Running (4,4,6) – 14 miles
Cycling – 5.5 miles
Yoga – 60 minutes
Total mileage – 19.5 miles.
Ending weight – 282.2 (1.1 pounds lost – same 1.1 I gained last week)

So back to losing weight which was good, hopefully that will continue.  The mileage keep increasing.  Next week is 4.5, 4.5, 7 so that is 16 miles total.  I’m going to likely need a new pair of shoes soon and get them in time to break them in before the half.   I’m pushing 150 miles on my Saucony’s and I wore them a long while before I started tracking that on DailyMile so surely they are closer to 200-250.  They will still be great for wearing around the house, so I won’t throw them out, but once the cushioning starts to go and the soles start to wear I’ll have to “retire” them from running.

Week 3 Half Marathon Training Recap

Week 3 of my Half Marathon training is now in the books.  It was an interesting week considering it was the week between Christmas and New Years and it ended with a bang with my Midnight New Years run.  I will be a little short on my mileage, since my “long run” was the race, but there are race days built into the schedule, so I just juggled things around a little.  I also had a slight weight gain this week, which I know is not the end of the world, but I just need to kick it into gear here for the New Year.  Here’s the tale of the tape.

Starting Weight – 285.2
Running – (3.5, 3.5, 3.3) – 10.3 total miles
Biking – 5.7 miles
Yoga – 60 minutes
Total miles – 16 miles
Ending Weight – 285.6 (0.4 pound gain)

Overall, was a good week.  had a blast at the New Years race.  Might have to find another one of those wherever I’m living this time next year.  Right now I’m looking at a 5K or an 8K the first weekend in February as the only two local races between now and the half in March.  I’ll have to decide which of the two I want to do.  I had hoped for a 10K before the Half, but I don’t see one on the schedule.

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