Welcome to 2013

The New Year means different things to different people.  For most it’s a fresh start or starting over.  Not so much for me, since I continued my fitness and healthy eating for most of 2012, slipping up a little in December a lot of which was injury caused. 2012 was such an amazing year I’m not sure how I’m going to prevent 2013 from being a letdown.  How do you follow up that act? After injuries and holidays I do feel a little sluggish and have to start looking for motivation.

I started 2013 the same as I did 2012, with the Running of the Lights at Tanglewood which started at Midnight.  Since my girlfriend Lisa was visiting me this week she ran the race with me which of course made it special.  I didn’t wear my Garmin and I don’t have a clue what our finishing time was.  It wasn’t as cold pre-race as it was last year which was nice, and it seemed to go by faster this year, possibly from knowing the course and when we got to a certain part knowing we were almost done.  Lisa really loved running through the Christmas lights, so that was awesome and I’m glad we had a chance to do it together.












Coming up this next weekend, I’ll be heading to Walt Disney World to run the WDW Half Marathon on Jan 12th.  This will be a mini-vacation with my parents, sister, brother and his fiance all coming to spectate and visit the parks.  This will be another “fun run” that I’m not concerned about time at all, just a long one.  There will be chances to stop for pictures along the course and have fun with the characters.  I’m very much looking forward to this and this will also complete my 3 half marathons in less than 90 days to qualify me for the Half Fanatics.

The following week (Sun Jan 20) Lisa will be running the Tinkerbell half marathon in Anaheim which will be her first Half, and I really wish I could be there for it, but I’ll just have to cheer as loud as I can from the east coast.

I haven’t got a lot more planned for after January, my 2013 race schedule is still in flux for right now.  I know I’m running the Tar Heel 10-miler and Kings Mountain Half Marathon in April.  I don’t have anything planned for February or March at the moment.  Some possibilities include the Winter Flight 8K or Pilot Mountain Payback Half in February, the JP Runner Girls FFF 5K will be sometime in March, so I know I’ll do that one, and then I have to decide between the St Leo’s 10K or the Tobacco Road Half Marathon (Same weekend in March).  Nothing really planned after April either.  I have a list of races heading out till about September, but have to make final decisions on which ones I want to do.  I’m sure part of my current lack of motivation is not having anything to look forward to after Disney, so we’ll have to work on fixing that.

I still have some weight to lose this year, and I’m to the point now where the weight starts to come off very very slowly, so it may take me the whole year to lose this final 30 pounds.  Just keep plugging away at it. It’s a process.

2012 was the best year of my life.  Lets hope it gets better from here!


Upcoming Race Schedule – Winter/Spring 2013

As I’m wrapping up a 2012 year that will have seen 15 finish lines by the time it’s all said and done, including my first half marathon (with 2nd and 3rd the last two races of this year) and at least one race for each month of the year, I told myself I would take it a little easier for 2013, but man, the dance card just fills up so fast.  Here’s a look at the possible lineup for the first 4 months of 2013.  The two January races are registered for and booked, the rest are tentative.

Jan 1 2013 – Running of the Lights 5.5K – Once again, we get the year “off and running” with the midnight run through the Tanglewood Christmas lights.  Hopefully several of my running friends from last year will be returning as well.

Jan 12 2013 – Walt Disney World Half Marathon – Can’t wait for this run.  A nice leisurely 13 mile jaunt through the house the Mouse built.  Everything I’ve read points at this being an awesome race.  My whole family will be there as the race weekend becomes a mini-vacation for us all, and last but not least, this race will be my 3rd half in less than 90 days to qualify me for the Half Fanatics.

Feb ?? 2013 – Fitness, Friendship and Fun 5K -Kannapolis NC – Don’t know the exact date for this race yet, but I gotta go back and help out my running friends the Landis family, and defend my 2nd in Age Group from last year (maybe go for first?) The JP Runner Girls is a running group for elementary school aged girls, similar to Girls on the Run, but local to Jackson Park Elementary.

March 16th 2013 – St Leo’s 10K – Winston Salem NC – I’m looking forward to tackling this course again, it’s a very very tough course.  My work friend Carmen will be running the 5K and maybe Jennifer will join me again for the 10K, we shall see.  Also the spaghetti and beer dinner the night before is a MUST!

April 20 2013 – Tar Heel 10-Miler – Chapel Hill NC – I was bouncing around several spring races including the Flying Pirate Half Marathon out on the Outer Banks, but finally settled on the TH 10M for several reasons, my sister and her boyfriend (who ran it last year) are moving back to Chapel Hill and will be living there by this time, the race runs through UNC Chapel Hill’s campus, which of course is the rival of my Alma Mater NC State, but they have a very cool “crash the party” option where you register under another school in the ACC and the top three get custom bibs (Last years top three were Duke, NC State and Wake Forest, so I’d say it’s a safe bet for the custom bib) so to run through UNC’s campus, with a Wolfpack bib and rep NC State while I’m there? Heck Yes! Sign me up.

April 27 2013 – Kings Mountain Half Marathon – Clover SC – I just found this race very recently, but it quickly became a must run.  The fact that it falls the weekend after TH10M is serendipitous since the weekend before a half I’d be running 10 miles anyway.  The race takes place entirely on the Kings Mountain Rev War Battlefield park in Northwest SC, right outside of Charlotte.  It’s a very small event (less than 200 runners for Full and Half combined last year), with a local friendly feel, and the registration is only 35$.  Half marathon race, and half marathon perks (shirt, medal, counts for Half Fanatics) for the price of a 5K? Sounds great! It may not be the Chickamauga Half Marathon, but it should still have cannons!

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