Weekly Recap 2-11-13 to 2-17-13

I was supposed to have run my 5th half marathon this weekend, but as I battled my inner demons (literally) I came to the conclusion that running the race would have been a very bad idea.  I was very concerned over the course itself, 14.5 miles of mountain trails including several stream crossings which had only worsened by recent rain, I learned post race one of the water crossings had been knee deep.  I was concerned over the race day weather which had suddenly turned bitter cold, dropping into the 20s and starting the morning off with rain and snow.  I was concerned about my lingering knee injury and whether it had fully healed and whether I could even finish a race of this magnitude (in hindsight, no I would not have finished it, even if my knee felt fantastic).  All of this wrapped up in a package that included non-running stress and I was a ticking time bomb.  I finally exploded on Friday night as I grappled with myself and my indecision.  I made the hard decision to skip the race and stay home.  It was the right decision. 

Where I go from here, I don’t know.  Racing has to take a back seat as I try to work through some other things in my life right now.  Money is tight and race fees are getting higher.  As always the fist thing to get cut is the “expensive hobbies”.  Traveling, Civil War re-enacting, road races. The calender is blank, the dance card empty.  That’s not to say I won’t race in the next couple of months.  I have some promises to keep.  The FFF 5K hosted by the Landis family is coming up soon.  The Komen 5K in May I promised I’d run with Jen.  The St Leo’s 10K a friend from work wants me to do with her. The Tar Heel Ten-Miler to hang out with my sister and maybe run with her BF (for three steps before he leaves me in the dust).  These are possibilities, but nothing is set in stone.  No planning things out 8 months in advance, it will have to be a race by race, case by case judgement call. 

Starting weight – 240* 
Monday – Elliptical – 60 minutes
Tuesday – Run – 3 miles
Wednesday – BodyFlow – 60 minutes, Spinning – 50 minutes
Thursday – Run – 3 miles
Friday – REST
Saturday – REST
Sunday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Total Mileage – 6 miles
Ending weight – 243.4 (3.4 pounds gain)

I’m not surprised to see a gain this week, some of it I’m sure if from switching back to the YMCA scale after weighing on the home scale last week.  Also, I ate pretty heavily Friday in anticipation of the race that didn’t happen and then went to town last night on some great food and drinks at the Twin City Track Club winter seminar. 

The next few weeks are going to be tough I’m sure as I struggle to find motivation with no races to train for and nothing on the horizon.  I think this week I won’t do any running, concentrate on cross training and making sure my knee is 100% healthy and then slowly get back into running and do some base building and find something I can hold on to for a while, 10-12 miles a week and just make sure I keep my running legs.


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