Christmas Fruit Salad

I love canned fruit cocktail, the peaches, pears, apples, grapes and cherries.  But I’m really trying to get away from canned fruits and veggies with all the added salt and/or sugar.  Plus raw fruit is different than cooked fruit.  So I made a fruit salad on Saturday to take to my sister’s house on Sunday for our family Christmas dinner.  It was the simplest thing you could imagine, hardly any work involved at all, in fact after I started it took less time then I had even anticipated.











Raw ingredients – Apples, grapes and clementines.  This is very similar to the Chick-Fil-A fruit bowl which includes these three, and strawberries, but strawberries are not in season right now.

First came the “hard part”. Peeling the clementines and separating the wedges.  Turns out this wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be since my batch of clementines turned out to be very easy to peel.











Toss the clementine wedges in a bowl, reserving a few of the wedges for a later use.

Next, rinse the grapes, pull them off the stems and toss them in the bowl.  You could cut them in half if you wanted to I suppose, but there’s really no reason too.

The last part, and this could be the “hard part” depending on how you feel about big kitchen knives is to cut up the apples into bite size cubes and add them to the bowl.  Leave the skins on, no reason to peel them, just give them a rinse in the sink and you are good to go.

Take the reserve orange slices and squeeze the juice onto the apples.  The ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in the oranges will help prevent the apples from turning brown from oxidation.  If they do turn brown it’s not harmful, they aren’t “spoiled” it just doesn’t look as good.  Also, putting the lid on the container and tossing it to mix will help release some of the orange juice as well.  Refrigerate overnight or serve immediately.

















Simple, easy fruit salad, and if you happen to snack on some of the grapes and orange slices while you’re making it (guilty) no problems!


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