Weekly Recap 11-19-12 to 11-25-12

Well I would say I did a good job of not letting the holiday interfere with my training and workout schedule.  I ran Thursday morning before I headed out of town to go eat, and even tossed in an extra spin class on friday as a little extra burn.  Besides that, just a pretty normal week.  Last week of training before the Mistletoe half, had my long run today, and now cruising through another taper week before another pretty long run on Saturday.

Starting weight – 240.2 pounds
Monday – REST
Tuesday – Run – 5 miles
Wednesday – Spinning – 50 minutes + Yoga – 60 minutes
Thursday – Run – 5 miles
Friday – Spinning – 50 minutes + Weightlifting – 30 minutes
Saturday – Run – 3 miles
Sunday – Run – 10 miles
Total mileage – 23 miles
Ending weight – 240 lbs (0.2 pounds lost)

So, a tiny little weightloss this week, but when you’re expecting a gain, this is good.  I know I ate like a pig on Thursday, but I did run before hand and it was my only meal of the day, so it shouldn’t have been THAT bad.  According to MyFitnessPal (estimates) I’ve worked out this week for 477 minutes, and burned 5722 calories.  That’s more than enough for a two pound loss, so the problem must be in the eating and not in the exercising.  I adjusted my settings (since it never auto adjusts like it’s supposed to) and MFP dropped my calories significantly down to 1620 a day, so I’ll have to severely adjust what I’m eating and start watching my carb to protein ratios again.  Less carbs, more protein.

Something’s gotta give.  I’m at a net gain of almost 3 pounds for November.  And today was my last November weigh in, so that’s “official” now.


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  1. I am up 5 in November. Something’s gotta give is right. I worked too hard to get here but I know that I am still doing the right things (exercise and eating) if not at the proper levels. Amazing how quickly you can undo work. Good work on .2 loss this week, though, that is an accomplishment on thanksgiving!

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