Weekly Recap 9-17-12 to 9-23-12

This week was a normal week, no special things, no missed workouts, just sticking with the plan.

Starting weight – 250 lbs
Monday – Spinning – 50 minutes
Tuesday – Run – 4 miles
Wednesday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Thursday – Run – 4 miles
Friday – Weightlifting – 30 minutes
Saturday – Run – 4 miles
Sunday – Run – 6 miles + Yoga – 60 minutes
Total Mileage – 18 miles
Ending weight – 246.6 (3.4 pounds lost)

First off, 18 miles is a big week for me, and next week looks to be pushing 20 as my mileage increases for the half training.

Second, holy cow… I was not expecting to lose that much, in fact, I wasn’t expecting to lose any.  I was expecting another gain.  I’ve been stress eating and eating stuff I shouldn’t be and so I am shocked to still see a loss, especially one that big.  I assumed last weeks gain was water/bad food/alcohol from last weekend, but I expected it to hang around after this week wasn’t much better.

My Saturday running partner, Rob, pointed me out to a training calculator on the Runner’s World magazines website.  It takes your finish time for your last race and calculates your projected finish times for other distances.  It uses a formula that multiples by the distance (example: a Half Marathon is 2.62 times longer than an 8K) and also a conversion factor (1.06) that takes into account that you will be slower at longer distances.  I plugged in my 8K finish time from last week of 58:50, which is just under a 12:00 mile pace, and according to the website my finish for a half marathon should be around 163 minutes, or 2 hours 43 minutes (12:45 mile pace).  So you can see the pace is slower for the half, as you would expect, but that still gets me in under 3 hours, so it accomplishes that goal, but the other thing is I was originally targeting 13:00 mile pace for the half, I lowered that to 12:30 mile pace, assuming I could go a little faster, and 12:45 is right in between, so hopefully that’s indicating that I am heading in the right direction!


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