Weekly Recap 9-10-12 to 9-16-12

This was an interesting week.  I had to go to Raleigh on Friday to handle some very stressful personal business, and then spent Friday night with my friends Gray and Katie.  I kinda let myself go over the weekend.  Ate out Friday lunch, then nice dinner (and wine and beer) at their house Friday night.  Cookout Saturday for lunch (which I mentioned in my race recap) and then stopped in Greensboro on the way home from Raleigh to run an 8K.  I got all my workouts in except the Friday weight lifting, which has suffered the last couple of weeks, and I planned a second (short) run for Sunday, but after sleeping very late, and some right knee/right quad soreness, scrubbed that idea.  Did do yoga for some much needed stretching after a lot of car seat time this weekend.

Starting weight – 248.6
Monday – Spinning – 50 minutes
Tuesday – Run – 4 miles
Wednesday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Thursday – Run – 4 miles
Friday – REST
Saturday – Race – 8K
Sunday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Total Mileage – 13 miles
Ending Weight – 250.0 (1.4 pound gain)

Not surprised to see a gain this week to be quite honest.  A good portion of it may very well again be salt/water gain from restaurant food and alcohol.  Stress is not good for the diet.

Mileage dropped a little this week without two weekend runs, but still well into double digits.  Should pick back up next week.

Good Eat(s) of the Week:
Hard to pick just one, so this will be a list of good eats.  First, lunch Friday was at a place in Garner that I had never been to called Kickback Jacks.  Typical sports bar type place.  I had a fried shrimp poboy which was out of this world delicious, and also a pint of the house beer called KBJ draft, which when I asked for a description of the type of beer, the waitress told me it was Killian’s Irish Red, which I happen to love.  That night (after our walk) we went out to Goodberry’s for frozen custard, which I had not had in forever (Chocolate with Reese cups, very good!).  Then, to finish off the weekend of gluttony, the hot dog cookout which was a smorgasbord of delicious things.  Great mac and cheese from Katie’s sister, great potato salad from Katie’s mom, great oatmeal cookies from Gray’s mom, well you get the picture, all around delicious.

Good Drink of the Week:
I mentioned the KBJ draft in the food section, but the good drink of the week has to go to the wine from dinner.  I continue to be amazed by my sudden taste for red wine.  I’ve always hated red wine, but suddenly I like it.  And it’s not as if I had tried it over and over again until I finally got used to it, I hadn’t tried any in years until I tried the Merlot at Stony Knoll vineyards and liked it.  The wine we had at Gray and Katie’s house (which I can’t remember the name, and searching for it I can’t find it, started with an M, Maggio or something like that) was a red Zinfandel and it was very good.  Strong fruit flavor, very bold, but not enough to really blow your head off.  I think the over the top “red’s so strong to be undrinkable” fashion is over now and the reds are milder and smoother and more easy to drink.  This is a good thing!


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