Run 4 The Greenway 8K – Greensboro, NC – 9-15-12

This evening I had a race that fit perfectly into my half marathon training.  This weekend’s long run was 5 miles and this race is 5 miles.  I didn’t have my camera, so just took one picture with my phone of the shirt and bib.


So this run is set up to raise awareness and funds for the Downtown Greenway being built to circle downtown Greensboro.  The race was mostly on the streets but there were some stretches on the portions of the Greenway that have been completed.  The greenway includes many permanent art installations which is fitting for Greensboro’s bohemian artistic feel.

In typical race fashion I started out too fast, which is really something I need to work on.  But it’s so hard to know where to start, when they are saying for the competitive runners to be in the front and walkers/strollers/dog walkers to the back.  I started what I thought was near the middle, but still had lots of people passing me as I chugged along.  I tried to slow myself down, and a good portion of the first mile was downhill so with the flow of the crowd and downhill I was screaming through the first mile.  I got it whoa’d back, but was huffing pretty good by about a mile and a half, which is not very good when you have 3 and a half miles left to go.  If I had a complaint about this race it would be that the water stations were very very understaffed.  I actually skipped past the first one because they had no cups filled and ready, people were standing waiting but I didn’t want to wait.  A little while later there was a water fountain on one of the greenway stretches so I got some water, but of course then you have to stop completely rather than jogging, or even slowing to walk, you can keep moving.  That throws you off a little bit.  I had some stomach issues around 2.5-3 miles where I got hit with some awful heartburn.  I was in Raleigh before the race at a cookout with my friends Gray and Katie (from over at A Recipe a Week) and their families, so not great pre-race meal of hot dogs and the fixings, but was great to see some friends and family I hadn’t seen in a long time.  The last two miles were a struggle but I managed to push through it.

Despite not feeling very well, and the course measuring slightly long, I managed to set an 8K PR.  Besting my Winter Flight time of 1:02:55 by 4 minutes with a 58:50 finish.  My first mile was too fast, and then miles 2-4 were pretty good and mile 5 slowed down a bit.  Splits: 10:28, 11:31, 11:30, 11:59, 12:27.  The course was fairly hilly with an overall descent of 3 feet, but along the course, an ascent of 569 feet and descent of 572.  I actually thought it would be majority downhill, so the uphills must not have been too bad, but there were a few decent climbs along the way.

I didn’t stay for much of the after party, but I did get my one free beer (Natty Greene’s Buckshot Amber ale, which I love!) and had a picture taken post race that they put on a magnet.  I’m surprised they weren’t charging for those rather than handing them out free.


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