Drastic Diet Change

Throughout this weight loss journey which includes losing 100 pounds, I’ve gotten off easy, MyFitnessPal opened my eyes to what my normal daily calorie consumption was like, which I quickly reduced and weight started melting off.  I have made a few changes to my diet, and there are certainly things I don’t eat anymore, but for the most part I eat a lot of the same stuff I used to, just less of it.  As I continue to struggle in this four month long plateau that I thought I had broken out of only to be dragged back to reality, that’s about to change.

MFP sets the default macro-nutrient values to get 55% of your calories from carbs, 15% from protein and 30% from fat.  It’s pretty much accepted across the board that this is way too low of a protein target, especially for those of us who are working out 7 days a week (not just weightlifters need protein).  I had never messed around with the values, but I didn’t worry if I “went over” on my protein goal.  Well today I finally decided to make an adjustment, in a way to force myself to change my eating habits and try to break out of this eternal slump.  It’s finally time to change WHAT I eat.

I increased my protein and in the process reduced the carbs by the same amount.  So my new targets are 45% carb, 25% protein, 30% fat.  I was going to switch to 40-30-30, but I have enough trouble hitting 15% protein, 25% is going to be a struggle.

Of course I decided to switch my numbers while I’m at work, my lunch is already packed, and based on what I have on hand at the house, dinner was pretty much decided in advance as well.  The hard part of changing your diet on a budget is using up what you already have on hand rather than just tossing it out, so this will be a bit of a rocky transition to say the least.

For today, I have 500 calories left for the day, but I’m already over my carb target 272/271.  My fat looks OK at 70/80.  I had peanut butter for lunch and a turkey burger for dinner, and yet my protein WAY under the target, 71 out of 151.  I’m about to mix up a double batch of my protein shake powder, which will add another 60 grams of protein (along with 340 cals and 16g carbs, pushing me further over on that macro) and I will STILL be under my goal.  Wow.. this is gonna take some adjustments for sure.

The first adjustment will probably be to add lean chicken and fish back into my diet so I can load up on protein without carbs and very little fat.  I’m not going 0 carb by any stretch, and 45% may not even be “low” but I will have to cut down on some things.  Less starches, less potatoes and certainly less sweets.

This should be fun……….



  1. I’ll look forward to your progess!

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