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I love discovering new sports.  What better time to discover new sports than during the Olympics?  With only a slight nudge from my Kiwi friend Sharee, one sport I’ve picked up during this Games is field hockey.  Ya know, that sport where high school girls chase a white ball around a soccer field with weird looking hooked sticks?  Did you know we have a National team for this? Well, the women do anyway, there is no men’s team.  While it’s still not going to settle the Ice vs Field which is “real” hockey debate, it is very exciting to watch.  I think, while there are some similarities, they are too different to really compare the two.

The US women’s hockey team, in my opinion had a great showing at this Olympics.  They played 4 very close games but managing to be on the losing side of too many of them.  A 2-1 loss, 1-0 win, 1-0 loss and 3-2 loss (to New Zealand).  Now, I didn’t watch the last game, so I have no idea what happened, if they sat the starters or just simply gave up, but sadly in a meaningless game to both squads (no chance to make the finals) US got smoked 7-0 by a South African team that was 0-4 and had only scored 2 goals TOTAL in 4 games.  I don’t know what happened there, and kind of ends the tournament on a sour note, but I thought they did well.

New Zealand on the other hand has advanced to the semi-finals (in the Womens bracket) so they will have a chance to play for a medal! Unfortunately they face 5-0 Netherlands in the first game.  If they win they advance to the gold medal game (Gold or Silver guaranteed!) if they lose they will head to the bronze medal game where it’s win or go home.

The other half of the Olympics brings the debate of what is or is not a “sport”… Now some Jackwagon on MyFitnessPal wanted to say that nothing that was “judged” could be considered a sport, which would rule out all of gymnastics, all of the “non-timed” swimming (diving, synchro etc), the horse sports, and several others.  Of course he quickly went down in flames and was nicely countered that by that logic anything with a referee could also count as “judged” which would rule out a lot of the traditional sports like basketball, soccer, field hockey, volleyball, tennis etc etc etc.

But some of these sports are eyebrow raising…. two that I cannot understand are Ping Pong *ahem* I mean table tennis.. I mean seriously? And the “Racewalk”.. first off I had no freaking clue what the race walk was… and I had it explained to me by some running friends who also considered it a humongous JOKE… so I watched a little bit of it, and could only suffer through about 3 minutes of it.  It’s powerwalking…. it’s a sport where running disqualifies you… when did mall walking become an Olympic sport? I swear I have never even heard of this.  It must be with using the event app on my phone to have a list of EVERY event, either this is new or it’s NEVER been shown on TV in the history of Olympics and TV.  I have to admit.. the distance is impressive.. 20K is just shy of a halfmarathon… but Lord help us.. it’s still a joke.. How does some  guy even face himself in the mirror after winning a gold medal in powerwalking? What’s next? Underwater basketweaving? (No offense Mrs Anthony).

What have you discovered during the London games?



  1. I meant to reply to this last week. Glad you liked field hockey! There were three Wake Forest alums on the US field hockey team. The Lady Deacs won the NCAA Championships three of my four years at school. So check out their schedule if you feel like seeing some pretty good FH live this fall! I played all through high school and on the club team in college. It’s fun.

    • Oh cool, thanks for the heads up, I will check that out for sure! That’s pretty much all I watched of the Olympics (limited to watching on my phone) was the mens and womens hockey and mens and womens marathon.

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