Weekly Recap 7-9-12 to 7-15-12

Well I had another kind of rough week, got into a midweek funk that I pulled myself out of by the weekend.  I skipped yoga on Wednesday because my knee was hurting, and frankly didn’t feel like going.  Felt awful on Thursday and forced myself to do a miserable 2 miles on the treadmill.  Friday I went to lift weights and then my Saturday long run was a struggle, but not because of how I felt, just long 5 miles in some brutal humidity.

Starting weight – 259.4
Monday – Spinning – 50 minutes
Tuesday – Run – 3 miles
Wednesday – REST
Thursday – Run – 2 miles
Friday – Weightlifting – 30 minutes
Saturday – Run – 5 miles
Sunday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Total Mileage – 10 miles
Ending Weight – 256 (3.4 pounds lost)

Ok, so normally I get worried with a big loss since the next week is usually a gain, but I think is this case, this is an adjustment from last week’s gain which was from bad food and alcohol and probably a lot of salt levels/water retention etc.  So it melted away as my body adjusted back to normal, and then tacked on a normal loss on top of it.

The exciting part?  This puts me at 1 pound away from 100 pounds lost. I’ve been trying to break through this wall for over a month and I knew it was gonna give me a struggle, but maybe finally, finally it’s coming off.

NSV (Non-Scale Victory) of the Week:  I went to donate blood after my tuesday run.  (I knew better than to donate before).  I asked the ladies if this was OK since I was obviously fresh from working out, dripping sweat.. they said it was fine, just make sure I hydrated.   So I drank several cups of water before they called me back.  Being a bigger guy, and also being 0+ they always ask me to do double units.  The last two times I’ve donated I’ve been rejected for my iron being too low.  This time my iron was way high enough to give doubles, so NSV #1, a huge indicator of my better, healthier eating habits.  Second, after I donated, I walked over to the canteen area, did not feel woozy at all, and so I sat and drank my small cup of soda, ate my cookies, made sure I sat for a few minutes and then left.  In the past, I’ve always felt fine after I sat a minute, but have been a little woozy straight out of the chair, and that was only giving a single unit.  So NSV #2, I’m healthier, and better hydrated as well!


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