Matt’s 10K Run to Fight Hunger – Greensboro, NC – July 7th, 2012

This was not an organized race, no registration, no fee, no awards, (but a t shirt!), just show up and run.  Group run to raise money and food donations for the Second Harvest Food Bank.  The guy who organized it, Matt, has run every day for the last 21 years.  Over 7000 days!  And the streak continues.  I don’t know if today was the anniversary of it starting, but we were celebrating his 21st year of the streak.

The run started at the Off’N Running store on Lawndale Dr. in Greensboro (I was parked across the street).  We wound our way through a neighborhood to Pisgah Church Road, and then onto the Atlantic and Norfolk Greenway, which the majority of the run was on.  The greenway is relatively new (I know the starting portion didn’t exist when I used to live there) and it connected to a pathway through part of the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, which was very cool, and then up through the Lake Brandt Apartments, up to Lake Brandt and then back.  I used to live on Cotswold Ave right there between Battleground Ave and Old Battleground Ave and visited GCNMP quite often, so this was quite literally my “old stomping grounds”.  I used to walk around the battlefield, both for exercise and mere enjoyment.

The hills in the Lake Brandt area were brutal, and I had to walk some after the turnaround.  The heat and humidity played a factor as well I’m sure.  I carried my bottle of water with me and grabbed a bottle from one of the volunteers on the second half of the course and drained them both.  I also had to stop and wait for traffic lights in a few spots since this wasn’t an organized run with roads closed and we were running on sidewalks/greenway.

By the time I had finished, they had tallied up the donation results, and 161 people showed up for this impromptu run, and donated enough money to buy 60,000 cans of food.  I think the sign said the Food Bank can buy them 4 for a dollar, so that is well over 10,000$.  Also, filled up two of the cardboard donation boxes with food items.

The shirt was nicer than I expected, it’s actually a tech shirt.  Even though they had said show up early to get a shirt, I almost didn’t expect to get one.  Either they would run out, or they would only have size Large or something like that, and I expected a cotton tshirt so thanks to whomever bought/donated the shirts, they are nice!

Not my fastest 10K, but I wasn’t really trying to blow this one out of the water.  I was worried about my left knee, which was sore and tender yesterday but it felt fine, no worries at all, it was the hills and heat that slowed me down.  All in all not a bad run. Splits: 11:52, 11:56, 12:31, 14:48, 14:31, 15:04, 12:46 (0.19).  Elevation: 1626 ft Ascent, 1595 feet Descent.

Thankfully, no one had to run naked to keep the “streak” alive.


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  1. Nice blog! I’m running my first ever 10k in two weeks for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Finding it tough though, as I only started running about a month ago. (See blog for details!)
    Impressed with anyone that goes out and does stuff like this. How did you find the run?

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