The Travelling Runner.

One of my life goals/bucket list items is to visit all 50 states in the US.  Since I’ve started running, I’ve debated adding a twist to that and running a race in all 50 states.  Some of the harder ones to visit would also be harder to find races in most likely, Alaska, Hawai’i, North Dakota, etc.  I don’t know if I will do this or not, it would also mean revisiting all of the states I’ve visited before I started running.  Some of them I will obviously go back to, New Orleans, Georgia, Florida etc, some of them I may not, Ohio, West Virginia, etc.

So far, my only out of state race has been the Rock and Roll New Orleans Half Marathon in Louisiana.  I did run 2 miles of taper work in Alabama before that half, but that wasn’t a “race” (I plan on running the Mercedes in Birmingham to take care of Alabama anyway).

I have done a far bit of travelling in my home state of North Carolina (at least the western half) I’ve run races in:

Winston Salem – Law Enforcement Memorial 5K, Greek Festival 5K, St Leo’s 10K
High Point – Bonzer 5K, NC Marathon 5K
Clemmons – Lillie’s Friend’s 5K, Running of the Lights 5.5K
Kannapolis – FFF 5K, Rhythm and Run 5K (this weekend)
Kernersville – Spring Folly 5K
Salisbury – Winter Flight 8K
Dobson – Shelton Vineyards 10K

Later this year I will add Mt Airy and Rural Hall to the list, as well as Raleigh and hopefully in April of next year the Outer Banks to get some love from the Eastern side of the state.

In January of next year I will add Florida to the list which will be my second out of state race.  I imagine most of the longer travel trips will have to be for half marathons.  Just not worth it for a shorter race, although within driving distance (SC, VA,  TN) I might could swing a 10K.

I look forward to adding more to this list! Including a Disney race in California and then who knows what else.  SC’s entry may likely be the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K or the Hilton Head Marathon/Half Marathon.  Or both!  Georgia will likely be the Rock and Roll Savannah Half Marathon.  Tennessee will likely be the Chickamauga Battlefield Half marathon.


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