Old Salem Farmers Market

My running buddy Jen had a special treat for me today.  She had me meet her where she works at Salem College and took me on one of her running routes that included some of Old Salem, the Salem Creek Greenway and the Salem College and Academy campus.  Was a great 5 mile run and was good to see her again since it had been a month (since the Komen!).

After our run, we walked over to the Old Salem Farmers Market which started up a couple weeks ago and apparently is Saturday mornings at Old Salem.  Lots of local farmers with mostly veggies, but also some meat, eggs and cheese and some jams/preserves etc.  Also soap/lotion/candles etc.  Was small but there was a neat assortment of things.

Jen got a bunch of stuff that I don’t even remember including some free range eggs, lettuce, squash, other greens and veggies.  I got some squash (that was going fast, nearly had to fight her for it!) and some red potatoes, a head of butternut lettuce, which I’ve never heard of and know I’ve never seen, and also from the Winkler Bakery an apple cinnamon  scone.

I didn’t bring my camera with me, so no pictures from the run or the market (in hind site I should have, was a really neat run) but here’s my haul from the market.  And all this for under 10$!

Although the scone has mysteriously disappeared……. oh that’s right.. it’s in mah BELLY! Very yummy.


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