Kernersville Spring Folly 5K

This was a last minute addition to the race schedule, but local race and the registration only 15$? Sure, sign me up! Even included a shirt which I didn’t expect for that price.

I’ve never had a race give you your post race snack before hand… Was kind of strange but as each person came up to get a shirt and their bib they gave everyone a half dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Never seen that before.

I’ll be honest.  I was not terribly pumped up for this race.  I think mostly because the last two weeks I’ve been looking ahead to Disney and not really thinking about my upcoming race schedule.  Despite running 3 (or more) miles 3 times a week, I felt unprepared for this race.  Just couldn’t shake the feeling it was not gonna be a good day.

The race was supposed to start at 8 according to the registration.  We all head to the start line, only to find out, the kids fun run (which was just 2 little girls) started at 8 and the 5K started at 8:30.  So we’re all standing around at the start line for 30 minutes looking at each other.  The clouds break and the sun comes out and it starts to get hot fast.  By the time the race started it was blazing hot.

We get started and the crowd goes off and around the first turn at about 0.25 miles, I glance at my watch and see 9:52 pace… YIKES.. TOO FAST!!! Slow down.. slow down!! Ended up finishing the first mile in 10:30, and then faded from there.  The course was very hilly and winding through neighborhoods and dodging cars and just a crazy course.

I’m not gonna lie, this was a tough course.  Despite drinking water all day friday and this morning, I think I got a little dehydrated, there were a couple points I felt like I might throw up.  I had trouble with the water stop, little kids handing out plastic cups, filled to the brim… drank about a half a cup the first time through, second time through I choked on the water and threw it down without drinking much at all.  The third mile was pretty brutal, mostly uphill, no shade, blazing sun.  I was just glad to be finished.

There were 4 guys in my age group, so I did not place.  I also did not set a new PR, which I didn’t expect to.  I was 2 minutes slower than my PR, which I reckon is not bad for feeling like I was dragging a jewelry store safe behind me the whole time.  Ironically my first mile, which was advertised as “fast” was my fastest first mile, by 4 seconds, but I couldn’t hold on to that pace enough to PR.

Splits 10:30, 11:43, 12:53, 12:13(0.12).  Total ascent 366 feet, total descent 414 feet.


  1. Sounds like it was a bit rough – perhaps the donuts were supposed to pick you up. Never mind you did it though is all good and now you can have some of that good Kiwi wine 🙂

  2. I was actually searching the results for the Spring Folly 5k (which are not posted yet) and came across your page. I also thought the donuts were quite strange…although I did enjoy them later! I actually won the race and you missed the girl at the bottom of the first hill telling everyone to go right…I had run the course before and knew to go left. Even the cop car ended up going right! Anyways, congrats on the weight loss and keep up the running!


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