Weekly Recap 5-14-12 to 5-20-12

So mother nature threw me a curveball this week and flooded the greenway and scrubbed my Tuesday run.  I also had some shuffling to do over the weekend, I had the wedding of a coworker to attend Saturday and what I thought was the running club breakfast run Sunday morning (turns out no one showed up) so I moved my long run to Sunday, and did some light weightlifting Saturday morning before the wedding.  This opened me up to get in a repeat run Friday evening to make up for Tuesday, so I got my mileage in, but the days got shuffled around a little bit.

BIG NEWS THIS WEEK: I’ve mentioned this everywhere (Facebook, DailyMile, MyFitnessPal) but I wanted to mention it here as well.  There is a new race on my upcoming schedule, the Walt Disney World Half Marathon Jan 12th 2013! My parents paid for my registration and are using their vacation club to get rooms for us and also inviting down my brother and sister for a family Disney Weekend, I am super excited! I wasn’t planning on running Disney 2013, but maybe Disney 2014, since travel expenses and everything, but my parents are taking care of that as an ‘atta-boy’ and knowing I wanted to run that race!

Starting weight – 262 pounds
Monday – Spinning – 50 minutes
Tuesday – REST – (Rain out)
Wednesday – Yoga – 60 minutes
Thursday – Run – 3 miles
Friday – Run – 3 miles
Saturday – Weightlifting – 30 minutes
Sunday – Run – 5 miles + Yoga – 60 minutes
Total Mileage – 11 miles
Ending weight – 260.0 (2 pounds lost)

Very happy to see the loss this week.  260 pounds puts me 5 pounds away from 100 pounds lost (355 to 255).  I won’t hit that by my birthday next week, but that’s OK.  At first it looked doable, but then I gained one week and kinda killed it, but it wasn’t a hard and fast deadline just was looking at 6 pounds to go with 3 weeks left it was there, but then gained almost 2 pounds put me behind the 8-ball.

After wieghtlifting and then running and then yoga this weekend I am very tired and very sore.  Not sure if I should double up or not.  Thought about skipping yoga today, and it was very difficult, but the stretches were (I hope) good for me.


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