Turkey Kofta

Kofta is a Middle Eastern/Indian/Mediterranean meatball.  Traditionally made with beef or lamb, I decided to try to make them with ground turkey, since I’ve switched to that almost exclusively for everything so it was what I had on hand.

This is a dead simple recipe.  Of course I’m using a premade Kofta spice, available at a middle eastern or mediterranean store.  I looked at a normal grocery store and they didn’t have any, so luckily I still had some on hand.  I was pretty sure I had some when I bought the other ingredients to make it.

Mix the kofta spice with the ground meat of your choice, form into small balls or patties and cook in a skillet with a little bit of oil.  Since this is ground poultry (of course the same goes for ground beef) you want to make sure they are good and cooked all the way through.

I started out on fairly high heat and then cranked it down a little when I realized they were going to burn on the outside before they were cooked in the middle, so ended up at about medium to medium low heat.   After a few minutes, flip them over and let them cook on the other side until done.  They will get fairly browned, which is good.

When they are done, drain on a plate with some paper towels like most fried foods. My batch made 12 of the little meatballs.  I ended up eating 2/3s of the batch (8 meatballs) since it was a long run day and I had plenty of calories in the bank to use up.  These would be good with a Greek style yogurt sauce, like tzatziki, but I like to serve mine with sour cream, lettuce and feta cheese.  I love feta cheese.  LOVE IT.

Not very photogenic, but it is yummy.

The nutritional info for what I ate tonight is as follows (courtesy of MyFitnessPal) and this is essential 2 servings.

835 calories, 70g carbs, 32g fat, 76 g protein.

You could certainly cut that in half if you weren’t refueling from a 6 mile run.  The picture above is half what I ate, so add two more pita’s to that.



  1. Serious yum!

  2. that looks good! where in Winston can you buy that spice? I only ever shop at Teeter so I’m not sure where specialty grocery stores would be. And yes – feta is fantastic.

    • I really don’t know I will have to look around. Believe it or not the spice I have is some I bought from a Middle Eastern butcher shop in Raleigh, so I haven’t bought any here. I’ll look and see if I can’t find a Indian/Middle Eastern or Mediterranean store around here, a place like that should have it.

      • cool. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for similar places as well. I know they are around, I’m just intimidated by them.

  3. Amazon sells a few different kofta curry mixes. I’m sure you can find all kinds of it in different places online!

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