Komen Race for the Cure -Winston Salem

Surprisingly, I did not run this race.  I was a spectator for once.  Very interesting experience, since my first spectator experience got rained out.  I was here to support my running buddy Jen, and also found out a few day’s before the race a bunch of my coworkers were going to be there as well.  Since the purpose of the event is to raise awareness, I decided to take pictures and blog about it to help the cause.

The event was hosted at Salem College, which is Jen’s alma mater and she also works at the school.  I didn’t see much of the campus, but what I did see looked nice.

This building was behind the finish plaza.. I’m guessing a power plant with the smoke stack (and probably long defunct just like the one on NC State’s campus, but from an old coal fire boiler most likely).

I met up with Jen before the race, she was on a team with a friend of hers who is a survivor and the team was named the Rack Stars.. play on Rock Stars.. there was another team called the Rack Pack.. so it was a popular euphemism.

Smile Jen!  How did I get my finger in there? Some photoblogger I am huh?

After that, I went to the finish area to look for my coworkers but I didn’t find them, so after a while I went back to the start line.. this is what it looked like as I walked up and more people were coming.

Somehow I managed to find Jen in this mass of humanity and hung with her until the timed 5K started.  Then as the non timed runners and walkers were making there way up to the start line I started looking for my coworkers, and I didn’t see them but then one of them found me, so I hung out with them for a while until the non timed race started.  People were still filing through the start line 20 minutes after the start of course some of the walkers were taking their sweet time which is perfectly OK.   I milled around the start line area for a little while since I had some time to kill and after 20 minutes or so headed back to the finish area.  I posted myself at almost the 3 mile mark to wait for Jen and cheer on the other runners.  I happened to catch the lead male as he was coming through and then a while later the lead female.

Jen charging hard to the finish.  I knew she was gonna post a good time, but by my watch it was about 45 minutes when she went by, but based on what they called out at mile 3, her official time was 43 something, and her Garmin time was just under 44 minutes.  She was shooting for 45-46 minutes, so she not only beat her time goal for this race, but also set a new 5K personal best by several minutes!  Yay Jen!

It was funny watching the people close to the finish, I got to see some things I don’t ever see running a race.  Some of the people looked like they were about to cry, some of them looked like they were about to die.. but they all kept pushing and I’m sure they all felt fine at the finish.. you don’t think about facial expressions when you are running that fast.

All in all it was a great event for a great cause.  There was an enormous crowd, even though the reports were attendance was way down, some of which having to do with the Susan G Komen/Planned Parenthood flap earlier this year.  The course is reportedly well marked and well staffed, so that’s always nice.  Although the water was down the hill at the finishers pavillion, not directly at the finish line, which was poor planning.  I will probably definately run this race next year, but it was interesting to be a spectator for once.  It also reminded me it’s been years since I’ve been to Old Salem.. I need to go back.

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