Must Run Races part 2

My first list of must run races (found here) included Savannah, GA, New Orleans, LA, Chickamauga Battlefield (TN), Cooper River Bridge Run (SC) and the North Carolina Marathon.  I’ve scratched New Orleans off that list, and the NC Marathon has been canceled for this year, so even if I wanted to go (I don’t) it wouldn’t happen this year.  This list of races are all races I am planning on running in the next 12 months, which of course is why they are on must run status if I’m already planning on doing them right?

Shelton Vineyards Running of the Vineyards 10K – Dobson, NC – May 12, 2012
This one is actually coming up pretty soon.  This will be my second 10K and it seems like a really neat location.  All of the Yadkin valley wineries are gorgeous, and while I’m not a huge fan of Shelton’s wines personally, it should be a good time.  My friends Gray and Katie from Raleigh might come up for this one as spectators.  They are big fans of wine and wineries.

City of Oaks Half Marathon – Raleigh, NC – November 4th, 2012
So this is actually called the United Healthcare Half Marathon or some such nonsense, but it’s attached to the City of Oaks Marathon.  I’m seriously leaning towards this race being my second half marathon.  I love Raleigh, I have friends and family in Raleigh, would be a great run.  The only reason I’m not 100% committed to this race is because Kim wants me to run the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon with her like two weeks before this on Oct 21st.  It’s tempting, so now I have a decision to make.  I don’t think I can run them both, from both a travel expense angle and a “two half’s in 3 weeks” angle.  Decisions, decisions….

Mercedes Half Marathon – Birmingham, AL – Feb 17, 2013
This is my friend Amanda’s favorite race, she’s run it the last three years in a row and this year set a new Half PR at it.  If she’s planning on running it next year I will certainly plan on joining her.  This race also has a serious, serious Bling factor.  The medals are like an old school Mercedes logo (the traditional star with a wreath around it) and completely chromed.  Very very nice, must have at least one for the collection.  If not 2013 then for sure 2014.

Flying Pirate 5K and Half Marathon – Outer Banks, NC – April 2013
I don’t know exactly when this race will be next year, since this year’s race is a few weeks away still, so no announcement for next year yet, but I am already planning for this one and will need to register early.  This race features a 5K and a Half Marathon, and the 5K is the day before aaaanddddd (wait for it) they have the Flying Pirate Challenge! Run both races and get two medals and two shirts and surely some pirate bragging rights.  I am SO doing this.  It’s like a mini version of the Disney Goofy Challenge which is a Half, then a Full on two consecutive days.  The 5K is limited to only 300 or so people (this years 5K is sold out) so I know I will have to register early.  This one will be AWESOME.  Can’t wait for this.



  1. I am not seeing any NZ running destinations here Yoga boi!

  2. I ran the inaugural Flying Pirate Half Marathon in 2010. The OBX events are always well done and the swag is great. I got a lunchbox and still use it almost daily! I don’t think they had the 5k/13.1 challenge then, or I probably would have done it too.

    • They have it this year, but the 5K is already sold out (not that I would have been ready to do it anyway), but I am seriously planning on doing it next year. You get a medal for the 5K too (I dont know if all finishers do or just the “Challenge” people, but it said 2 medals and 2 shirts, so one for the 5K and one for the Half).

      • They had the same thing for the Outer Banks Marathon and Half, because there is a 5k and 8k on Saturday with the longer races on Sunday. Each combo of races was a different “challenge” with extra medals. Very cool! OBX Marathon weekend was a different challenge for me as I ran marathons on Saturday and Sunday!

  3. I love the look of the Outer Banks medal on your DM page Emily, I had seen that before on one of the marathon medal websites but it’s neat to see a “real one”. I bet the Flying Pirate will have some awesome medals. And the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon medal is shaped like a surfboard, it’s awesome looking! (You shouldn’t get a collector doing races that award medals, because now I must have them ALL).

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