Week 10 Half Marathon training recap

Another bizarre week, but lately what week hasn’t been.  Started off normal enough with my Tuesday run and Wednesday yoga, but then things went off track.  I had a work dinner Thursday night, which I planned to hit the gym afterwards, but didn’t leave the restaurant until 9PM.  So I missed my 5 miler on Thursday, well then I went and used my parent’s birthday money to get my new running shoes on Friday, and since I was running a 5K Saturday morning, I didn’t want to kill myself and make up my 5, so I took my new shoes for a short 2 mile trot just to kick the tires a little.  Then Saturday I absolutely smoked my 5K (in my old shoes no less).  Crushed my previous PR and also placed second in my age group.  So Sunday I knew I would not likely get in all of my long run (schedule said 9) but I wanted to get in as much as I could.  It’s cold and raining today but if I waited it would only get worse, with snow in the forecast for later tonight so I headed out to the Greenway.  Got in 2 miles before I couldn’t stand it anymore.  Don’t have enough cold weather gear for sub freezing temps.  Not happy with 2 miles only on a long run day, I headed for the Y and did what I could before the treadmill cut me off.  So I ended up at 6.5 miles today, which is not bad, but not 9.  Also, for some reason this week I thought my weight was already down to around 272, so when I saw a 275 on the scale earlier this week, I thought, well I’m gaining back some of my 4 from the other week, which honestly didn’t surprise me and didn’t upset me.  Then today I weighed in at 273, which I assumed was still a small gain, of less than a pound.  Much to my surprise, I go to log my weight on MFP and the spreadsheet and my last recorded weight was 276.6, so a loss of 3.6 pounds in a week I thought I was gaining! Crazy how your mind plays tricks on you.  Maybe some unconscious motivation? Here’s the tale of the tape.

Starting weight: 276.6
Running (4.7, 2, 3.1, 2, 4.5) – 16.3 miles total
Yoga – 60 minutes
Total miles – 16.3
Finishing weight: 273.0 (3.6 pound loss)

Two weeks until the half marathon, time is really winding down.  I’m getting prepared.  I have my new shoes, I have a fuel belt to carry a water bottle and some Gu.  One week left of hard training and then the taper week, so really “one” week left, and only one long run remains (since the week 12 “long run” is the RACE).


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