Pickles and Ice Cream

I haven’t done a food blog in a while, so this is probably well overdue, and I was thinking about pickles and of course what goes with that? Ice Cream! (but not together, since I’m not a pregnant woman).

I’ve always liked pickles, but lately I’ve developed a new found love for them.  Pickles, like a lot of vegetable have NO CALORIES! (or very few, some brands say zero, some 5 or 10 but very low).  You can put pickles on whatever you want for some extra crunch and flavor and no guilt.  Yes, pickles are full of salt, they are in fact brined vegetables, so if you are watching your sodium intake you should watch out for that, but at the current time sodium is not something I am concerned with.  It may be in the future, but not for right now.  I pile on the pickles on my turkey burgers, I used to eat pickles on hot dogs, but I haven’t had hot dogs lately, I always get pickles on my Subway sandwiches and this morning I even put pickles on my turkey sandwich for work.  It’s “free” food! Go wild!  (This applies to salsa too, 10 calories per serving, but the catch there is the chips.. of course).

I love ice cream as well.  One of those things that I like to have as often as I can squeeze it in.  Lately I’ve found some ways to squeeze it in even better.  I had seen “light” ice creams before like Skinny Cow and others including name brands like Breyers Lite, Breyers No Sugar added, etc.. and was never quite satisfied with them.  I’ve recently discovered the Weight Watchers line of Ice Cream novelties and they are remarkably good! The two I’ve had are the Ice Cream Candy Bar, which too me tastes just about like a Snicker Ice Cream bar.  It’s 150 cals, 9g of fat (which is a little high due to the nuts and caramel) and the Giant Ice Cream Sandwich which is 140 calories and ummm (i don’t have a box here to look at) 2-3 grams of fat? Less than the Bar, that’s the highest.  I also recently picked up two new cartons of ice cream (on sale half price) both Blue Bunny, one is No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Vanilla, which is 90 calories per serving, and the other is Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Frozen Yogurt, which is 110 calories per serving and includes live active cultures (like yogurt).  I’ve tried the Vanilla and it’s good.  I haven’t tried the Yogurt yet.

See there, you can have your ice cream and eat it too… and a pickle. On the side… if you like…


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