Upcoming Race Schedule – Feb/March 2012

After searching high and low for races in December and January to augment my half marathon training course and finding nothing (save the New Years race), now all of a sudden the race schedule is blowing up and I find myself with 4 races in the next two months.  Ironically it’s also 4 races of different distances so that will surely keep me on my toes.  Here’s what’s coming up!

Feb 4th 2012 – Winter Flight 8K, Salisbury NC
This race is coming up this weekend, and while I was looking for a 10K to fit into my training there was not one to be had, so this 8K will have to do.  5 miles is a respectable distance, longer than a 5K but not gruelingly long.  Should be a good race.

Feb 18, 2012 – Fitness, Friendship and Fun 5K, Kannapolis NC
I received an invite to this race directly from the Race Director, who happens to be a friend of mine on DailyMile.  Advertised as a low key, small crowd race to benefit Multiple Sclerosis.  My friends daughter has dealt with MS for the last 10 years and is now a track runner.  With a personal invite how can I say no?

March 4, 2012 – Rock and Roll New Orleans Half Marathon, New Orleans, LA
The big grandaddy race.  The one I’ve been training for since September of last year.  My first half marathon, my first 13.1 sticker, my first medal and hopefully the first of many “Holy %$^# I did it!” moments.  My entire running life has been revolving around this race for 4 months and I’m sure when I finish I will think “what do I do now?”.  I’ve heard this reaction is quite common.  Maybe having another race 2 weeks after will be good to keep the needle in the groove.

March 17, 2012 – St Leos School 10K Road Race, Winston Salem, NC
This is the only race of the four I haven’t officially registered for, but I am still planning on running it.  This will be my first 10K so it will be exciting for that reason, even if it is *after* my Half Marathon.  (Several people have noticed I jumped straight from 5K to Half Marathon).   I will be running this one with my running buddy  Jen so that will be fun as well.

As always, stay tuned for post race recaps as soon as the race happens and check out my Races page for times and links to the recaps.

Happy running!


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