Not a plateau, but not losing….

I’ve hit a little bit of a snag in my weight loss but it’s not a plateau per se where my weight stays the same, but rather a Groundhog’s Day scenario of gaining and losing the same couple of pounds over an over again.  Here how the last month has looked since right before Christmas.

Dec 23 – 285.2
Dec 30 – 285.6 (0.4 pound gain)
Jan 6 – 282.2 (3.4 pound loss)
Jan 13 – 283.3 (1.1 pound gain)
Jan 20 – 282.2 (1.1 pound loss – from the week before)

Stranger in this scenario, is that 282 is the lowest weight in my log from June of 2010 before it drops off the planet until I started logging again in September of this year.  Because I have always hovered around 295-310, I consider 282 to be my “Lowest Adult Weight”… so another brick wall that needs to be broken through.

Even stranger is how my weight fluctuates as the week goes along.  I try not to weigh 3 times a  day, but it’s hard to not step on the scale when I’m in the cardio room of the Y.  The week of the 3.4 pound loss started on Monday as a 5 pound loss (280.4) but then I “gained” some of that back over the course of the week before my “official” weigh in on Friday.  Same happened this week.  280.6 or so on Tuesday, 281.4 on Thursday and then 282.2 tonight.. steadily gaining throughout the week.  I have no idea what is going on and why this is going on.  I have a problem with dehydration and I’m trying hard to drink more water, and so it’s not out of the realm of possibilities, and I’m sure some of these fluctuations are in fact water weight, but why would I be my lowest at the start of the week after a rest day? And then higher during workout days? (Drinking more water on workout days? Possible).

I know huge gains are not good, and as long as the scale keeps moving down that’s a good thing, but man is it disappointing to see a 3-4 pound loss earlier in the week turn out to be a fluke and slide back up to only a 1 pound loss.  yeah, a loss is a loss is a loss but sheesh.  I’d like to see the southern side of 280 before the next 6 weeks.. LOL



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