Beef Stir Fry

I was searching through the produce section at walmart looking for some veggies and I ran across a pre-bagged selection of stir fry veggies (broccoli, carrots, snow peas) and remembered something someone had mentioned about doing stir fry at home and how easy it was.  So then I needed the rest of the ingredients to make it.

The assemblage of ingredients.  Bottom round steak “for stir fry”, stir fry veggies, Kikkoman Stir Fry Sauce, Canola Oil, Cornstarch, Annie Chung sticky rice bowl.

The instructions on the stir fry sauce bottle says to dredge the steak in a mixture of cornstarch and soy sauce, but I didn’t do this, rather just dredged in dry cornstarch and fried up the meat in a tablespoon of Canola oil.  After the met was cooked, I set it to the side, added a couple more tablespoons of oil to the pan and cooked up the vegetables for a couple of minutes.  The I added the meat back in stirred it up and then added the sauce.

Here it is in the pan ready to go.

And here is the final product with the rice.

Here is the nutritional info (courtesy of MyFitnessPal)
1166 calories (the canola oil killed it, may have used too much)
88 grams carbs (mostly the rice, a little from the veggies)
70g fat (the meat and oil, a good bit of unsaturated in the oil)
39g protein

So it was a little higher than I expected, but it was really good. My only complaint was the meat got a little tough and chewy, I tried not to cook it too much, it was still a little pink when I pulled it out.  I smelled the Stir Fry sauce and thought to myself “I am not going to like this”, but it turned out to be one of those things that’s really strong on it’s own, but mixed in with the meat and veggies it was really really good.  I was afraid I had made a mistake with the sticky rice but it was OK.  It didn’t make the dish, it didn’t kill the dish, I guess it was just “eh”… rice.  Ya know?

This was good, I liked it.  And it cooked up in like 5 minutes.  It cooks hot and cooks fast of course (smoked up the whole house and now my eyes are burning.)



  1. Not bad!

  2. Sounds good. Stir fry is great, but it takes a little while to get the hang of it… Like you saw, it tends to be smokey till you get it down…

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