2011 Year in Review

There are a couple days left until the New Year, but not a whole lot is going to change between now and then.

Looking back at my 2010 Year in Review post, apparently I weighed 285 pounds, which is also what I weigh right now, however I have not maintained that weight the whole year.  I joined the YMCA in August of this year and started tracking my weight in September and I weighed 302 and then gained a little bit more up to 308 before I started losing it again.  I have since lost that 23 pounds in the last three months back down to 285, but for next year I need that to keep heading downward.

In October of this year, I joined a fitness community website, MyFitnessPal.com.  It is a “Facebook-like” site where people can comment and send messages of encouragement to friends and also a forum where you can ask questions about anything fitness or nutrition related.  The main part of the website that has helped me is the food database and the daily food diary where you track what you eat.  Yes, it’s counting calories but the database makes it so easy and effortless it’s not a “chore”.  I’m sure 90% of my weight loss since I joined has merely been from dropping my calorie count and eating better.  I was doing the running before, but not losing weight cause I was eating so much.  This has been a huge encouragement for me.  Also seeing the success stories of hundreds of people who have lost over 100 pounds like my friend Amanda.

I only ran one race this year, which if you read the review was a horrible experience, but something to learn from and build upon.  I ran the Go Far 5K at the North Carolina Marathon in High Point North Carolina.  I had some issues with the weather, the course, my pants, sleep deprivation, personal stress issues and other things.  I finished the race in 44 minutes and 12 seconds which bested my personal best time by 43 seconds.  Was I happy with this? No.  But it is a PR (personal record).  I had completed the Hal Higdon’s novice 5K trainer and had expected to do much better.  But I finished a race I had no business starting in the first place.  Most of my friends were surprised I even got up that morning to go run, much less started and finished the race.  So there is that.

According to my statistics on DailyMile.com, I have walked or run 115 miles in 2011.  This doesn’t sound like a lot, but I also didn’t start back into until late August.  I also decided to switch what I consider my workout from walking to running as my jogging periods get longer and longer and my walking breaks get shorter and shorter, so this is walking and running miles combined, but 2012 will be all “running” mileage.

I have another race coming up, although since it will start at Midnight on Sunday, January 1st, it will technically be my first run of 2012.  It is a 5.5K race through the Christmas lights at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC.  Should be a good time, and I am running it for the sake of running it, not trying to set a course record or anything like that.

The other major thing I’ve done this year is I have registered and begun training for my first Half Marathon.  The race itself is not until March of 2012, but I registered for it and have begun my training. I’m currently on Week 3 of the Hal Higdon’s Novice Half Marathon trainer.  If you asked me 6 months ago about doing a 13.1 mile race I would have laughed at you, but I found out that all of my running friends from Alabama are running in this particular race and looking at the calendar I had plenty of time to train for it and even did the 5K training and 5K race to get me back into running.  The race I am training for is the Rock and Roll Marathon/Half Marathon in New Orleans Louisiana.  I’ve been dying to go back to New Orleans, so I didn’t need a lot of encouragement and the fact that Amanda, her husband and several of her friends are all going down as a group sealed it for me.  I wouldn’t have done it by myself but with a support system all training for the same thing I think I can do it.

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year.  Come at me 2012!



  1. Good luck in 2012! I’m going to try to pick up my running, too. Maybe a 5K for me, but that would be it 🙂

  2. You can do it!!!!!! Would love to hear all about the race. I have done several RnR half marathons. The medals get addicting 😉

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