Week 1 Half Marathon Training Recap

Now that the first two “gap filler” weeks are finished we move into the actual week one of the Hidgon trainer.  This is the first week of the 12 week program.  I don’t know what it is about the Tuesday runs but I can never finish them.  Once again shortened this one to 2 miles that should have been three.  No cross-training this week, but I did two sessions of Yoga this week, the normal 60 minute Wednesday session, and a special Winter Solstice Celebration 90 minute class on Saturday.  Here’s a look at the stats.

Starting weight – 287
Running – (2,3,4) – 9 miles total (should be 3,3,4).
Yoga – (60, 90) – 150 minutes total
Ending weight – 286 (1 pound lost)

I am 4 pounds away from my lowest weight from June of last year (282), before I gained back up to 308.   To the best of my knowledge, since I only started logging in September of 2009 when I reached my highest point,when I break through that goal again, I will be getting into “Lowest adult weight” territory.  I probably haven’t weighed this light since early HS or even Middle School, I believe I was around 295 when I graduated, so I’m already  back down to my “High School playing weight” as the football players would say.  I still think my highest weight was 355, I have that number stuck in my head, however my excel file starts at 345.  So based on that, I have lost 59 pounds (total, not counting gaining back 20) in two years.  In the last 8 weeks or so since joining MyFitnessPal I have lost 22 pounds.  I’m 1/4 of the way to my goal on MFP (308 to 225 – 83 pounds), but counting the weight I lost before I’m over halfway there.  (355 to 225 – 130 pounds – 69 pounds lost to date).  It took me 29 years to put on the weight… so half of it coming off in 2 years is incredible!

That just made my day.  🙂


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