New Gear

So, I got some new gear today.  Real running gear.  I just couldn’t take it anymore to work out in a too-big 3X tshirt and heavy mesh basketball style shorts.  I was soaking in sweat and getting overheated. 

So first I went to a real running store Fleet Feet Sports here in Winston Salem.  I looked at shorts and shirts and tried on some different brands and different sizes.   I’m at that nice awkward between size stage where a 2X is starting to be too big, but an XL is still too small.  The XL shorts were WAAAAY too small.  The 2XL shorts felt too small since they are tighter on the legs and I’m used to loose, but as far as waist size they fit fine (the tight on the legs is just a mental thing).  So I got a pair of Nike Dri Fit shorts.. I think around a 5 inch length.. not SHORT short, but not knee length.. kinda inbetween.  They were a little more expensive but well worth it for honest running shorts, since the shorts are target were just more of the same basketball style I have now.  I tried on several shirts but couldn’t find one I liked, the Nike 2X (the only one in 2X) seemed too big, but all the XL shirts from Nike, Asics and Brooks were too small, the Brooks I could barely get into.  So off to Target. 

Thanks to a great recommendation from Amanda who told me I could find Champion gear at Target, thats were I went looking for shirts and found just what I needed.  I tried on the 2X long sleeve Dry Duo shirt and I liked the way it fit.  I also had an adventure trying on a 2X compression top, that I didn’t realize was compression until I had it half way on.. it was like trying to squeeze into an extra small.. 2XL my left leg.  I managed to find another Dry fit style in shorts sleeve and now I’m set for a while.  Long sleeve for outdoors, short sleeve for indoors. 

I also got three packs of Gu to try.  I’m not yet running long enough distances to need the mid-run nutrition, but I wanted to try a couple of flavors, and to see if I can handle the texture of what is basically pure sugar in gel form.  I got Vanilla Bean (Amanda’s favorite), Strawberry Banana and Lemon Sublime.  Also, at the grocery store the other day I got one of the “pre-workout” Gatorade Prime’s to try.  I know I likely won’t “notice” a difference or anything (but if I do that will be awesome) but I plan on drinking it before my race Saturday morning. 

Behold… the GEAR!


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