Must Run Races

Now that I have a few local 5K’s under my belt, I am by no means an “accomplished” runner, but I am starting to train for longer races and it can be fun to look at some of the available races that are out there.  A 5K is not worth travelling for, but a half marathon is.  Here are some races that I am either planning to run, or at least would like to.. in no particular order.

Rock and Roll Half Marathon – New Orleans, LA – March 4, 2012. 
This is the race I am currently training for and this will be my first half marathon.  I’ve been dying to return to NoLa after my trip there two summers ago and some running friends of mine are running this race also, so this made it a no brainer.  I also had enough time before the race to complete both a 5K trainer and then a half marathon trainer.  Long build up but it will be worth it.

Chicamauga Battlefield Marathon/Half Marathon – November each year.
I am a huge Civil War buff, so this one already gets my interest piqued, but I have several Civil War ancestors who fought in this battle and I’ve been wanting to visit this area anyway, so this one is also a no brainer.  I may run this one November 2012 after the New Orleans half.

North Carolina Marathon/Half – High Point, NC
I am running the 5K attached to this race this year as part of my training, and this will be my first “marathon” experience, the Expo, the post race party, the 5K finishers even get medals.  I’ve lived in NC all my life, so eventually it would only be natural to run my home state’s big race.  Full or Half depending on where I am in my running career.

Disney Marathon/Half – January each year – Orlando, FL
I love Disney, I’ve been there what feels like a million times.  I had no idea until 2 years ago they ran a race there.  I’d like to eventually run both the half and the full, but not in the same year.. I’m not Goofy.  I think I will quickly become a “medal collector” as I finish races and the Disney medals are awesome.

Rock and Roll Marathon/Half – Savannah, GA
I love visiting Savannah and my parents live close by so they can come cheer me on.  Finishing through the historic district would be awesome running down Bay Street or right down on River Street.

Cooper River Bridge Run  – 10K – Charleston, SC
Again, this is close to where my parents live and another city I love to visit.  I also just happen to think that it is an awesome bridge.  How much fun would it be to run over that bridge? I’d like to find out eventually. 

I’m sure there will be more, but this is the short list for now.


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  1. […] first list of must run races (found here) included Savannah, GA, New Orleans, LA, Chickamauga Battlefield (TN), Cooper River Bridge Run (SC) […]

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