Taste of Thai Chicken and Rice Dinner

On a recent grocery trip I came across a spice packet on a clearance rack for a Taste of Thai – Chicken and Rice One Pot Dinner.  I thought it looked good and since the packet was on clearance for $1.78 I figured I would give it a whirl.

I found some cheap chicken on sale as well as some jasmine rice on a good sale and decided to would whip it up and see how it was.  I modified the recipe slightly but basically followed the directions on the back of the spice packet.

The spice packet includes two pouches.  One is labeled coconut milk powder, the other is not labeled, but it’s basically a yellow curry with some herbs and veggies (it makes the sauce).  I browned the chicken (boneless, skinless breast) in some vegetable oil then pulled it out of the pan.  I poured the rice in and toasted it for a few seconds in the oil then added the water, both sauce packets and stirred it up.  Add back in the chicken, bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes.  The recipe called for fresh or frozen peas, which I didn’t have so I added a can of canned peas with all the liquid drained out.  Cook for 5 more minutes and Viola! It was done.

Here’s how it looked in the pan. It smelled awesome.

Since I had just joined a healthy living website called MyFitnessPal.com (Look me up, EricNCSU) I needed to know how to log this in my food diary, so I sat down and crunched the numbers adding up all the individual ingredients.  The recipe on the spice pack said it served four, but since my chicken pack had 3 breasts in it I’m going to calculate it for three servings. As I was adding up the numbers I was getting worried, but divided by three it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Here’s the damage:
Total Recipe: 1897 Calories, 59 g fat, 226g carbs, 170 g protein
Per serving: 632 calories, 19g fat, 75 g carbs (wow.. rice), 57 g protein

Wow, that’s a lot of carbs, both from the peas and the rice.  A huge dose of protein from the chicken. Calories and fat not bad.

Verdict: Well, the chicken didn’t pick up a lot of flavor from the sauce, but the rice/veggie mix was awesome and the sauce was very good.  I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow at work, as well as a dinner later in the week.  All in all not bad.

Yeah, You know you are digging the Nemo plate.


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  1. I love this. Thanks for sharing!

    Check out more recipes at ~ Recipe Chefs ~

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