Week 4 5K training recap.

This morning’s run capped week 4, it was a crazy week.  Taking care of some real world stuff involved with moving to a new place, I ran Monday and then not again until Thursday, so my schedule got shifted by a whole week.  Here’s a look at the numbers. 

Starting weight: 303
Running (2.25, 1.5, 2.25) – 6 miles total
Biking – Crosstraining – 9 miles
Walking – 2.5 miles
Total weekly miles – 17 miles
Ending weight: 299 (Under 300!! Big milestone!)

3 weeks now until my 5K Nov 19th and I am registered now for the half marathon in March.  I dont know if I will do a race between the two, the schedule looks kinda sparce, but there is the New Years Night Tanglewood race that starts at Midnight, so I may do that one if it’s not 30 degrees that night.

Week 3 5K Training Recap

Week 3 is in the books, and it was a little rough.  Due to some extenuating circumstances I had to skip my Monday run, so to make up for it I ran Tuesday and Wednesday back to back to get back on schedule and I had to cut the Wednesday run short because my legs were so tired.  I added back the extra 1/4 mile to my Friday run, but that was tough as well.  Here’s the numbers.

Starting weight: 308
Running (2.0, 1.25, 2.25) – 5.5 miles total
Biking – 8.25 miles (30 minutes, 16.5 MPH)
Ending weight: 303 – Loss of 5 pounds

A slight caveat to the weight loss.  Apparently starting the training made me Yo-Yo quite a bit.  After last week’s gain back to 308, I was back down to 304 on Tuesday and then the 303 was Friday this week.  So while it’s technically 5 pounds it’s probably realistically more like 1-2 (which is fine).

Also, this week as I mentioned in an earlier post I signed up at MyFitnessPal.com which logs food calories and exercise calories and gives you a recommendation of what you should eat during the week.   True it’s not a “diet plan” only a dietician can give you one of those, but it holds you accountable for what you eat. All of a sudden that 400 calorie candy bar doesn’t look so appetizing anymore.

The other thing I did this week is I officially registered for the Go Far 5K at the North Carolina Marathon.  It was on my schedule but now I am officially registered.  I’m looking forward to the “marathon experience” the pre race expo, the post race party, even the 5K finishers get finishers medals.  This should get me really pumped up for training for that half marathon next March.

Check back for post race analysis and pictures after the Nov 19th race!

Must Run Races

Now that I have a few local 5K’s under my belt, I am by no means an “accomplished” runner, but I am starting to train for longer races and it can be fun to look at some of the available races that are out there.  A 5K is not worth travelling for, but a half marathon is.  Here are some races that I am either planning to run, or at least would like to.. in no particular order.

Rock and Roll Half Marathon – New Orleans, LA – March 4, 2012. 
This is the race I am currently training for and this will be my first half marathon.  I’ve been dying to return to NoLa after my trip there two summers ago and some running friends of mine are running this race also, so this made it a no brainer.  I also had enough time before the race to complete both a 5K trainer and then a half marathon trainer.  Long build up but it will be worth it.

Chicamauga Battlefield Marathon/Half Marathon – November each year.
I am a huge Civil War buff, so this one already gets my interest piqued, but I have several Civil War ancestors who fought in this battle and I’ve been wanting to visit this area anyway, so this one is also a no brainer.  I may run this one November 2012 after the New Orleans half.

North Carolina Marathon/Half – High Point, NC
I am running the 5K attached to this race this year as part of my training, and this will be my first “marathon” experience, the Expo, the post race party, the 5K finishers even get medals.  I’ve lived in NC all my life, so eventually it would only be natural to run my home state’s big race.  Full or Half depending on where I am in my running career.

Disney Marathon/Half – January each year – Orlando, FL
I love Disney, I’ve been there what feels like a million times.  I had no idea until 2 years ago they ran a race there.  I’d like to eventually run both the half and the full, but not in the same year.. I’m not Goofy.  I think I will quickly become a “medal collector” as I finish races and the Disney medals are awesome.

Rock and Roll Marathon/Half – Savannah, GA
I love visiting Savannah and my parents live close by so they can come cheer me on.  Finishing through the historic district would be awesome running down Bay Street or right down on River Street.

Cooper River Bridge Run  – 10K – Charleston, SC
Again, this is close to where my parents live and another city I love to visit.  I also just happen to think that it is an awesome bridge.  How much fun would it be to run over that bridge? I’d like to find out eventually. 

I’m sure there will be more, but this is the short list for now.

Taste of Thai Chicken and Rice Dinner

On a recent grocery trip I came across a spice packet on a clearance rack for a Taste of Thai – Chicken and Rice One Pot Dinner.  I thought it looked good and since the packet was on clearance for $1.78 I figured I would give it a whirl.

I found some cheap chicken on sale as well as some jasmine rice on a good sale and decided to would whip it up and see how it was.  I modified the recipe slightly but basically followed the directions on the back of the spice packet.

The spice packet includes two pouches.  One is labeled coconut milk powder, the other is not labeled, but it’s basically a yellow curry with some herbs and veggies (it makes the sauce).  I browned the chicken (boneless, skinless breast) in some vegetable oil then pulled it out of the pan.  I poured the rice in and toasted it for a few seconds in the oil then added the water, both sauce packets and stirred it up.  Add back in the chicken, bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes.  The recipe called for fresh or frozen peas, which I didn’t have so I added a can of canned peas with all the liquid drained out.  Cook for 5 more minutes and Viola! It was done.

Here’s how it looked in the pan. It smelled awesome.

Since I had just joined a healthy living website called MyFitnessPal.com (Look me up, EricNCSU) I needed to know how to log this in my food diary, so I sat down and crunched the numbers adding up all the individual ingredients.  The recipe on the spice pack said it served four, but since my chicken pack had 3 breasts in it I’m going to calculate it for three servings. As I was adding up the numbers I was getting worried, but divided by three it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Here’s the damage:
Total Recipe: 1897 Calories, 59 g fat, 226g carbs, 170 g protein
Per serving: 632 calories, 19g fat, 75 g carbs (wow.. rice), 57 g protein

Wow, that’s a lot of carbs, both from the peas and the rice.  A huge dose of protein from the chicken. Calories and fat not bad.

Verdict: Well, the chicken didn’t pick up a lot of flavor from the sauce, but the rice/veggie mix was awesome and the sauce was very good.  I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow at work, as well as a dinner later in the week.  All in all not bad.

Yeah, You know you are digging the Nemo plate.

Week 2 5K Training Recap

I just got back from a leisurely walk through the neighborhood and that will put week 2 in the books of the 5 K training.  A slight bump up in mileage which will go up every week.  Here’s the numbers.

Starting weight – 304
Running – (1.75, 1.5, 1.75) – 5 miles total
Cycling – Crosstraining – 9.25 miles
Walking – 1.35 miles
Total Mileage – 15.60 miles
Finishing weight – 308 (4 pounds gained.. dammit)

Lesson learned this week, I need to do better with my eating because even with heavy exercise I ended up gaining back the 4 pounds I lost last week.  I also just realized that when I am taking my weight at the Y I still have my shoes on, but since it’s consistent with all of it I will continue to stick with that.  Running shoes are light, but hey every ounce counts right?

Week 1 5K Training Recap

Week 1 is in the books.  Today starts week 2, although Sunday’s are a rest day so the first run will be tomorrow.  Here’s a look at the numbers.  So far encouraging.

Beginning Weight – 308 lbs
Running – 1.5 miles (X 3) – 4.5 miles total
Cycling (Cross training) – 9.54 miles
Total milage – 14.04 miles
Ending Weight – 304 lbs – 4 pounds lost.

This week the milage increases slightly.  Plus I may through in some light walking or more cross training on the rest days.

2012 New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon – Training

Long time no blog, but yes I am back and I am about to embark on an adventure to kick start my running career again.  Two months ago I signed up for a membership at the local YMCA and I’ve been doing a lot of walking/jogging on the treadmills there and started thinking about running a race again. 

I’ve decided I am going to run the half-marathon at the New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon on March 4th 2012.  Most of the inspiration for this is my friend Amanda over at Eat to Live, Live to Run will be running the race as her first full marathon.  Her and her husband have run several Half marathons and this will be the first full marathon for both of them.  The other reason is looking at the calander, I have just enough time to start training for a race in March.  Here’s how this is going to work. 

First I am going to go through a 5K training course to get me back into running shape as well as improve my 5K times/endurance.  The Half marathon training course starts you out week 1 at running 3-4 miles so they assume you already can handle a 5K distance.  The 5K training is 8 weeks and starts today.  This will finish the week of Thanksgiving.  I had planned on running a Thanksgiving day race, but so far the only one scheduled is in Lexington NC which is about an hours drive away.  It looks like they have had one here in Winston in years past but I don’t see it posted yet.  The weekend before however (Nov 19th) is the North Carolina Marathon in High Point NC.  They include a full, half and 5K.  I will definately run the 5K here and see what it’s like for the “marathon experience”.  According to the website even the 5K runners get to attend the expo and after race parties and even get a finishers medal, so that will be fun.

The half marathon training course is a 12 week program.  To slot into a March 4th raceday the program would start Dec 11th.  So there is a two week gap between the 5K training and the half marathon training.  What I will most likely do is the week 1 of the half training multiple times.  Either do week 1 twice and week 2 twice, or week 1 three times and then week 2, week 3 and so on. 

Of course the overall goal of doing this much cardio is to loss weight.  Finishing the half marathon is just the icing on the cake.  And that will be my goal, finish.  I don’t care about time or pace or winning or any of those things.  Just pound out the 13 miles and finish. 

It’s a long race to the finish.. and it starts today!

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