2010 Progress Report

This week I had my biometric screening at work, and now I can compare the numbers to last year and see where I have improved.

My weight is down from 321 to 289.

My waist circumference (at belly button) is down from 56 inches to 52.

I don’t take a lot of stock in BMI measurements that only rely on height and weight, but just for comparison purposes my BMI dropped from 45.4 to 40.3.. which is still in the OMG YER ABOUT TO DIE category, but at least it’s lower.

The body fat % was measured using a handheld electrical resistance meter.. I have no idea if it’s any accurate or not, but again for comparison my body fat % dropped from 38.5% to 35.1%.

My cholesterol is low, my blood pressure is low and my fasting blood glucose was below 100 so that’s all good as well.

I still have more work to do and more weight to lose, but if I could drop another 30 lbs or more by next year I will be well on my way.

  • About Me

    I am a recent graduate in Food Science (NC State, 2009) and I work for a major food manufacturing company. I love food, but I can no longer eat anything that crosses my path. About 24 months ago I begin a serious struggle to get my obesity under control and reduce my chances of developing Type II diabetes. Since September of '09 I have lost 50 pounds and I still have a long ways to go. I've started eating better and exercising more, including taking up running.