Bonzer 5K for Friedrich’s Ataxia

Well, I finished, which is always good.  First race in about 5 months so I wasn’t sure how well I was going to do, but I ended up just a little slower than my personal record, which is not bad for taking several months off.

Man was it cold this morning.  It had to have been in the mid-40’s this morning around sunrise.  As soon as we started running within a 1/4 mile my lungs were burning bad from the cold dry air.  I jogged for the first half mile or so and then jog/walked after that.  Here are my splits:

Mile 1 – “Around” 14 minutes (nice precision by the volunteer)
Mile 2 – 29:55
Mile 3 – 45:04
Finish (3.1) – 46:19

Just under 15 minute mile pace at around 14:56/mile.

After the race I got to chow down on some pretty good food.  Half a bagel, a banana, some chicken and rice stuff from Outback that was pretty good and a mini chicken biscuit and tiny cinnamon roll from Chick-Fil-A.

I will certainly need to invest in some cold weather gear before my midnight New Years run.  If it’s cold now, who knows what it will be then.  Probably snowing.

Race Day

Tomorrow morning is the Outback Bonzer 5K in High Point NC benefiting Friedrich’s Ataxia.  It’s my first race in a while, so I’m not sure how well I’m going to do, but it’s for charity so it’s all good.  I plan on having a good time, having a good run and then digging into some Outback food after the race!

Here’s some pictures of my gear that I picked up this afternoon.

This is a first time race, but I get this feeling this one will become a fixture on the local race calendar.

On your mark… Get Set…..

I have registered for my first race since May and I am ready to slip the running shoes back on.  Now that the worst of the 100 degree weather is firmly in the rear view mirror, let the fall/winter race season begin!

The race I registered for is the Outback Bonzer 5K for Friedreich’s Ataxia.  The race is this saturday Oct 23rd in High Point NC.

According to Wikipedia ataxia is a nervous disorder that causes motor function problems such as clumsiness, trouble walking, spine curvature etc.  Similar symptoms to muscular dystrophy but from a different cause.

Food after the race from Outback and Chick-fil-a.. Woot!

Have a drink, for the Troops.

Ok, so beer is not usually health food, but I felt this was a worthy cause.  Miller is running a promotion through it’s High Life brand where they will donate 10 cents per bottle cap or pull tab returned to them, up to a total of 1 million dollars, to show returning soldiers from overseas a bit of the “High Life” that they’ve missed out on.  Concert tickets, sports tickets, backyard barbeques etc.

Check out High Life for Vets for more info.

Thank you to the Troops for everything you do!

Back to the Running Game

Now that the weather has turned cooler, and in true North Carolina fashion (95 degrees one day, 72 degrees the next), it’s time to get back to running.  I’ve missed quite a few races lately with a hectic schedule which included a lot of driving back and forth to Raleigh for my father-in-law’s hospital stay, passing and funeral.

The next race on my schedule is Oct 23rd in High Point NC.  A charity run sponsored by Outback that includes free food, count me in!

I haven’t run/walked/jogged in quite a while but hopefully I can pick it back up again on short notice.  I haven’t gained any weight in my inactive slump, but I haven’t lost any either, still hovering around 280.

I’m looking at and there are some more races coming up in October and November, so I should be able to find plenty of events coming up.  Better weather means more outside events.  The goal is still to run the half marathon in March of next year so I have a lot of work to do.  Time to dust off the Saucony’s and get to it!

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