Life is Short

Life is precious, and all too often tragically short.  A painful reminder of this came this weekend as my wife’s father unexpectedly passed away at the much-too-young age of 49.  The reason for his death is still unknown but the effects are widespread and deeply impacting.  The short three years I’ve known him changed my life and I am honored to be his daughter’s husband and a member of his family.

Along with the grief came many life lessons this weekend.  First, love your family and never put off telling them so.  The amount of love and support for Dean and his family at the hospital was so amazing that even the nurses were amazed and said that very few families come together like that during a rough time.  Second, don’t ignore any sort of health issue.  Better to go to the doctor when nothing is wrong than to not go when something is.  Dean’s death was sudden and could not have been predicted or prevented, but never ignore any kind of pain or other symptoms.  Visit a doctor often, even if you are well.  Lastly, enjoy your life.  Live life to the fullest, enjoy your life, love your family, love your fellow man and never give up even when times are hard because good times are just around the corner.  Dean had a great attitude and sense of humor and was upbeat even when things were going bad, and I think this is a great example for others.  Lose the hate, lose the stress, live your life to the fullest.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.

In Loving Memory

Dean Scott Flick
11-29-1960 – 9-19-2010
Husband, Father, Grandfather, Soldier, Friend
You will be missed.


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