Canned Fruit

I love canned fruit, it’s so easy to just pop open a can and have some fruit.  I like to keep mine in the fridge and eat them cold.  Pears, peaches and fruit cocktail are my favorites.  However canned fruits do contain some sugar (and some might have corn syrup as well).  Does the sugar cancel out the health benefits (fiber, nutrients and vitamins) of eating the fruit?

A quick google of “Canned fruit nutrition facts” brought up this page which talks about canned peaches.  29g of sugar sounds like a lot, but it’s only 10% of the daily value, so a normal person would eat about 300g a day.  3 grams of fiber sounds like a lot less, but it’s 11% of the DV so that’s pretty good.

When I have a choice (possibly just with peaches) I buy the fruit in “light” syrup.  That cuts down the sugar a little bit.  Also, when I open the can, I pour off a good bit of the syrup, merely because it makes it easier to eat, but a good bit of that sugar is in the syrup so I suppose I’m cutting it down even more?

I also like the fact that canned fruit doesn’t rot in my fruit bowl if I forget about it, so that convenience factor is hard to ignore.


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