A Full Serving of Vegetables

Apparently someone had a conference and decided that this years big tagline for items would be that they contained a “Full Serving of Vegetables”… This stuff is everywhere now.  I don’t like this, since this toes that line of deceptive marketing or trying to push something that’s not healthy as if it is… the kind of stuff that makes people not like food companies.

Motts Medley Juices:  This one kinda baffles me a little bit.  According to the website and the commercials, this juice has 2 servings of fruit and vegetables “magically hidden” in every 8 oz glass.  Magic is right.  The three juice flavors range from 22 to 30 grams of sugar per serving, and that’s it.. the rest of the nutrition label is zeros.  Fruits don’t have fat, so that’s a pass.. but isn’t the point of eating your however many servings of vegetables a day actually.. well eating them? Where’s the fiber? Where’s the vitamins? So you throw in some ascorbic acid and wow.. you have 100% DV of Vitamin C, but what about all the others? I don’t see how this counts as a “serving” of fruits and veggies.

Chef Boyardee: I will admit, I love some Chef Boyardee, but it’s a guilty pleasure of the “only have 5 minutes to eat so I’ll just nuke something” variety.  It’s not health food.  Oh, it has the vegetables in it, for sure.. It’s full of tomatoes and probably got some onions and garlic in there somewhere too, but the whole advertising campaign with the lady banging on pots and pans cause the kids won’t eat it if they know it has vegetables in it? Silly.. and misleading.  Oh, and tomatoes are a fruit anyway.

There was a third thing I saw advertised recently as having a dubious claim to a “full serving of vegetables” but now for the life of me I can’t remember what it was.


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