Spring Breakout Challenge

Today starts the second Wellness challenge through my work’s wellness program.  This one is called Spring Breakout and the idea is to increase your physical activity (Don’t ask me why it’s called Spring Breakout when it runs from June 14 to July 15th and its already 95 degrees here in NC).  The goal is to reach 500 minutes of physical activity in 4 weeks.  That averages out to 125 minutes per week, or just over two hours.

I started with a run today, so that’s 30 minutes.  Tomorrow I may go for a walk or do something else.  I’m not sure.

I don’t really have a training program to follow right now, I kinda quit following the couch to 5K and starting doing my own intervals.  I suppose it’s still the same thing, but I’m stuck forever on “week 3”.  Oh well.  As long as I don’t actually stop running.  My next race is July 17th, but there is one July 3rd that I may sign up for.  After that I don’t have another one in my sights until Sept 11th (I’ve seen nothing on the schedule at all for August.. too hot probably). But that will be a busy time if I do all three I have penciled in.  A 5K on Sept 11th, a trail 10K on Oct 25th and then another 5K on October 2nd.  I will probably not do all three, but those are three I saw on the schedule that I was interested in.

Active Ambassadors Update: I was not selected for the 2010 Omron Team GoSmart.  I’m not surprised but a little disappointed.  If I had made the team I would have started a new training program and then either the September or October 5K would have been my “official” race at the end of the program.  Oh well, there will be more things to apply for.

Challenge: 30/500 minutes.


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  1. hey! sorry it took a while to write back to you! I actually just updated my blog today (a week late) about the upsetting loss 😦 i agree that they should have kept leighton in. but i guess there is nothing to do about it now. in a way i feel happy for the hawks/kane for winning- it was a long time coming and id rather see them win versus someone like pittsburg or the devils (HATE THEM! HAHA). it really crushed me when they lost (i almost cried? is that sad? hahaha). i just hope that we can see them win sometime soon . i think this is a cool thing you are doing w the 500 minutes in 4 weeks. i wish i could motivate my mom to start getting in shape. i should propose something like this to her! anyway…. those marathons you have listed in your other post sound fun…ive always wanted to do disney. I did my first marathon (philly) this past fall. i qualified for boston and will be doing that next year (as well as philly) im really excited but also nervous to be tackling two marathons in one year! have a great day!

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