TastyBite Peas Paneer

This caught my eye at the grocery store and I figured I would give it a try.  I love Indian food.  Indian food would be one of the ways I would be able to eat vegetarian since it has so much flavor rather than just plain lettuce.  (Yes, I know there are a lot more ways to eat vegetarian then just salads, but that’s a blog for later.)

The rice is from a plantation near Charleston, SC.  The Paneer comes in a neat metal pouch that you can either put in a pot of hot water, or pour into a bowl and cook in the microwave.  I chose to cook mine in the microwave just for ease and quickness.

When I looked up online tips for cooking perfect rice.. they mentioned rinsing the rice to get some of the starch off. I almost skipped this step, but while I was doing it I found a rock that wasn’t supposed to be in there.. so don’t skip this step! I undercooked my rice and it was crunchy, but that’s my own fault.

Looks good doesn’t it? Unfortunately it was not nearly as good as it looked.  In fact, it was nearly flavorless.  I have never had bland Indian food.  What happened to the “spicy tomato sauce”? Very disappointed in what had all the hallmarks of being awesome. Quick heat and eat Indian food that’s vegetarian, gluten free, no MSG etc etc. and only 150 calories per serving? (BTW, what’s on the plate is the whole pouch which is two “servings” but still only 300 calories).  I was super excited about trying this, and as soon as I bought it I knew I was going to write a blog about it.  This was to be my first serious “food blog”. I wasn’t even going to write about it, but I took the effort to take pictures.  Very bummed.. I hoped this was going to be something really awesome.



  1. It sounds yummy. I have to try it. Thanks for sharing,

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