Destination Races

I’m no where near ready to run a marathon or even a half marathon, but when I am ready I already have a few that are on my list.  Little did I know before I started running that there are races everywhere every weekend (just check  North Carolina even has 3 big marathons, City of Oaks in Raleigh, Thunderroad in Charlotte and the North Carolina Marathon in High Point.  Some of the events I’ve found since I started looking for races just look so cool that half of the fun must be just the locations.  Here’s a few that I’m looking forward too.

Disney Marathon:

I grew up in a Disney family.  I’ve been to the parks 8 to 10 times growing up.  My wife and I honeymooned there.  We are already planning a trip for 5 years from now that will include all of her family (in laws, brother, aunt, kids etc).  I first saw this race as a video on someones blog and they recorded as they were running through Cinderella’s castle.  I can’t find that video, but here is a recap of the marathon from Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point that has some awesome pictures: Recap This is a must run race for me.  I can’t think of a more awesome race.  I plan on running in 2012.  Probably the Half, but maybe just maybe the full.

Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon:

I just learned about this race from my friend Amanda and it immediately jumped to the top of the list.  I won’t be ready for it this year (November) but hopefully in the next couple of years I’ll be able to do this one.  I am a huge Civil War buff and Reenactor.  Visiting battlefields is always a joy (my wife and I got married in Gettysburg) but Chickamauga has been on my list for a “must-visit” for a while.  My great great grandfather and his brother (my great great great uncle) fought at Chickamauga as members of Battery C of the 3rd South Carolina Palmetto Battery.    Ironically, I joined my current reenacting unit (1st North Carolina Artillery) before I learned my ancestors were Confederate Artillerymen.  I guess it’s in my blood.

New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon:

Two summer’s ago I went to New Orleans for a food industry conference.  Even though I was there as a student for “work” (research presentation and job hunting) rather than “pleasure” I still managed to have a great time and I can’t wait to go back.  Food, music and intense pride.. New Orleans has it all.  Even as they still clean up and recover from Katrina, they know how to have a party.  Watch the video from the link above and tell me that doesn’t look fun? 2010 was the first year of this event but I’m sure it will be around for a good while.

Of course you always have the granddaddies of them all.  New York and Boston.

What’s your “must run” race?


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