Getting back on track

As Forrest Gump once said.. “It Happens”… The “it” is Life…. Every so often it comes around to smack you in the face.  Late nights at work, holiday weekends with the inlaws, bad weather keeping ya inside, broken water heaters and cold showers.  I haven’t been on a run in over a week, and I haven’t been blogging as much lately either.  It has been a whirlwind at our house that’s for sure.

Hopefully I’ll be getting back on track soon as I have some motivation coming up.  The next Wellness challenge at work starts June 14th and the goal is to accumulate 500 minutes of activity in 4 weeks.  That’s a little over 2 hours a week.  3 30 minute runs and some dog walking should knock that out.

If I get chosen for the Team GoSmart ambassadorship, that program starts June 15th and runs for 12 weeks, including a 8 week training program.  If I get chosen I will probably temporarily stop the Couch-2-5K and follow the training program they prescribe me, which is also designed for beginner runners.

So hopefully the next couple of weeks I can shake off the stress and craziness and get back on track.  I hope to still be ready for the race July 17th.



  1. You will get back on track, no problem. I just saw that you ran today, so yay! Seriously, I think the biggest key for weight loss is allowing yourself to mess up and take some time off from diet and exercise. Then, you forgive yourself and move on. I just had a “bad” weekend myself at my friend’s wedding. But I’m back on track now, too 🙂

    • Haha.. it wasn’t about letting myself have some time off, it was having 36 hours of shit to do in a 24 hour day, but I get the point. 😉 The last couple of weeks were a whirlwind but it’s settling down now. I was supposed to have a race this weekend but I’m not gonna get to go, but I’ll still be working towards the July 17th race which is a competitive race (not a charity fun walk).

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