Summertime Blues

When you finish school and start working for a living, Summer is no longer a lazy time of vacations, beach trips and cookouts.  It’s just another time of year.  We are well into summer here in Western NC, regardless of the fact that the “official” first day of summer isn’t for three more weeks.  Temps in the high 80s low 90s with heat spawned thunderstorms every night.  Yeah, that’s summer, I don’t care what the calender says.

TV has finished for the year, now come the game shows and strange shows (like Wipeout?) that probably aren’t expected to last more than one year.  The new shows will come out in the fall.  At least some good movies will start coming out around the fourth of July.

Sports are done, or almost done.  Another couple of days and the hockey finals will be over.  NBA finals are on now (if anyone cares).  Pro and college football are both long over, as well as college basketball.  September can’t come soon enough.   I don’t watch much baseball, especially not this early in the season.  Call me after the 162 games are over and the playoffs start.  Plus we don’t have a team anyway.  I grew up kinda watching the Braves (closest team to Charlotte), and my wife’s parents are from Philly, but they aren’t huge Phillies fans, we were rooting for them the last couple of years.  College and minor league baseball I can get into.. NC State, the Greensboro Bats/Grasshoppers, Durham Bulls, Charlotte Knights etc.. but we don’t have a pro team to root for and it’s boring as all get out to watch on TV.

Man is it hot… I love winter.. I don’t do hot.  Those of us on the bigger side, who although they may be shrinking, don’t really do hot weather. Add allergies to that and you know why I sequester myself inside this time of year. I’ve never really been a huge beach goer, although a trip we took last year with one of my wife’s school age cousins was fun.

“Don’t know what I’m gonna do… ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues!”


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  1. I recommend netflix! If you haven’t watched Dexter yet, you totally should. Swear you’ll love it!

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