Pepitos Whole Wheat Tortillas and Reduced Fat Utz Chips

Pepito Whole Wheat Tortillas:

So far on the blog I’ve written about things that I liked and wanted to share.  For once, one of the new things I’ve tried didn’t turn out so well.  Trying to get more whole grains in my diet I decided to try Pepito’s Whole Wheat flour tortillas to make my tacos with.  Flavor wise they are fine, but texture wise they just didn’t hold up.  They are very thin and they fall apart.  Every time I tried to wrap them around something they would burst open in the middle and spill out the filling, and sometimes they would tear just picking them up.  They were very fragile and not very good for making tacos with.  I’d love to try some other whole wheat tortillas but not this brand.  Also, I’m not sure how tortillas are supposed to compare, but one tortilla had as many calories as 2 slices of bread (around 110).

Utz Reduced Fat Chips:

These chips advertise a 33% reduction in fat compared to other chips (6.7g per serving vs 10g per).  They aren’t as low fat as Baked Lays, which I have reviewed before, but they are also not nearly as expensive.  Baked Lays are 3.49-3.89 a bag and never go on sale, these Utz chips were 2.00$ on sale.  The other great thing about these chips is they don’t contain any fat replacers like Olestra.  They have about the cleanest label you’re gonna find outside of a 1 ingredient food.  Sliced potatoes, cottonseed oil, salt.  That’s it.  So the fat reduction must be in the processing rather than the ingredients.  They do taste different than Lays, which I would attribute to pure cottonseed oil vs a blend of oils and they taste like real chips.  Baked lays to me taste strange, but not nearly as bad as the other “shaped” false-chips like Pringles.  I like Baked Lays, don’t get me wrong, but I like them on their own merit, not because they taste like real potato chips, which they don’t.  The Utz chips also have a much better fat profile, thanks to the cottonseed oil, only 1.5 grams of saturated fat and the rest is poly or mono-unsaturated, which are not as bad for you.  For honest chip flavor with a not so fattening punch, I would certainly recommend these.


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