The Biggest Loser

This week is the finale of this season biggest loser.. Season 9? I don’t remember.  I remember when the show first came out I thought it was stupid, lose weight for a game show?

I haven’t been able to keep up this season, but I’ve been watching them on DVR about 3 weeks behind. I’ve almost caught up.  I just watched the Makeover week show and I think I have 2 more shows to watch before this weeks live finale.  I had watched a few episodes here and there, but last season was the first time I watched from beginning to end and saw the whole transformation.  I’ve forgotten their names, but the guy from brown team who lost 2 other whole people and looked completely different, and the guy from orange team who was the fastest to lose 100 pounds, until that record got shattered again this season.  It’s amazing to see these guys and gals drop 75.. 100.. 150.. pounds.  Mike (white team) from this season is like 4 pounds away from losing 200 and will be the first to do it.  I’m sure the next episode I watch on DVR he will hit it.

I don’t care for the gameplay aspect.. Purple team last season.. red team this season.. gain weight one week to try to lose more the following week, which I’m sure never works.. Taking it easy on weeks you have immunity and then try to hit a big number the next, which seems to always bite those who try it.  Granted those contestants are gone now and didn’t win, so that shows you where that got them.  Those that are after the fame or the money fall by the wayside.. those that are there for the right reasons move on.. so maybe it’s a good thing after all that they let those people play games, but then shoot themselves in the foot.

I don’t care who wins or who goes home.. I sometimes root for certain people, but that’s not why I watch it.  If you’re someone trying to lose weight and Biggest Loser doesn’t inspire you then you have no heart.  I’ve lost 60 pounds and I still have a long way to go.. so what better to see then a guy like Mike, who started at 500+ pounds and has lost like 193, and is still in the 300s with a long way to go and he doesn’t talk about wanting to be on the ranch.. he talks about NEEDING to be on the ranch.. I don’t like his attitude, and in the beginning I thought he was a jerk, but he has grabbed his life by the throat and is making HUGE changes (no pun intended).

Nearly every episode is emotional and I don’t care how big and tough and strong you think you are, when you are struggling with what they are struggling with and fighting the same fight they are fighting it will bring you to tears to watch them see their families for the first time after they’ve lost 150 pounds and they don’t even look like themselves anymore.  And ya know what? That’s ok.. cry.. feel the emotions.. that’s the point.. it’s inspiring.  I watched an episode, and then went out and did my run for the day.  Now as I relax I will probably watch another episode so I can catch up with how far I am behind.

Even if your like me and you think the game is stupid and there doesn’t need to be winners and losers and you hate the cheating, lying and backstabbing.. still watch it.  Watch for the ideas, the recipes, the training tips and the inspiration.  They are normal people just like all of us and if they can do it, we can do it.. we can all do it.


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