TV Graveyard II

It’s season finale time and that means the shows that didn’t cut the mustard are being canceled and boy are they dropping like flies.  There’s a few surprises on the list but not too many shockers.

In my first TV Graveyard post I mentioned Trauma on NBC, which was reported canceled and then reportedly picked up for another 13 episodes.  Halfway through the return (episode 18) it has mysteriously dropped off the air.  There hasn’t been a new episode in two weeks, and this week is the two hour finale of Chuck, so I have a feeling this one’s not coming back.

FlashForward – ABC – One Season: This one upsets me.  This was a great show, with a fantastic cast, what went wrong? Anchored by Courtney B. Vance (Law and Order CI, The Tuskegee Airmen) and Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love, Enemy at the Gates) and flanked by Bryan F O’Byrne (Lord of the Rings Trilogy) and Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2, and 3).  This action packed mystery thriller was guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.  I read that the finale (which I think is tonight) was hastily and heavily edited to try to give some closure, which just means it’s going to ruin a good series with a clunky half done finale.  Nice.  Thanks ABC, first Defying Gravity now FlashForward.  Where’s the Sci-Fi love?

24 – Fox – 8 seasons: I haven’t watched this show, although I do think it’s a neat concept. 1 hour of real time equals one hour of TV time.  This show has had a pretty long run, but based on the reaction from journalists and bloggers, this cancellation is a bit of a surprise.  It’s been a long 8 days for Jack Bauer.  Maybe he needed some time off? That’s a hell of a week saving the world twice an hour.

Heroes – NBC : This one is a mercy killing.  I was hooked in the first season and the second season the show totally jumped the shark.  The writers strike put the second season on indefinite hold and it got messy, multiple characters were killed off, storylines were finished abruptly and the whole show went off kilter.  I quit watching it, and I’m surprised it limped along for 2 more years.  After 4 years this one is being put down finally.

A couple of long running shows are coming to an end like Lost and the original Law and Order.

Stays of Execution: Surprisingly some shows I like are actually coming back!

Human Target: Fox – This action show about a bodyguard who literally becomes a human target, as he finds out who the danger is and has them attack him instead of the intended target, is a really interesting show.  It’s listed on both the midseason and primetime fall lineups on Fox, so I know it is coming back, but I’m not sure when.  Look forward to this coming back.

Thursday night mainstays Bones and Fringe also continue for Fox.

White Collar – USA – Saw a commercial for this show and it is coming back on in June or July.  Good summer show to fill the void, can’t wait to see what more fun the FBI/Conman team can get into.

Sons of Anarchy – FX – Returning sometime in the fall, possibly September or October.  Not sure when it comes back, but I’ve seen the commercials and can’t wait for it to come back on.  Ron Perlman (Hellboy) is great as well as his wife (the mom from Married with Children) and his son Jax.  Can’t wait for this one either.



  1. At least (as far as we know) ABC still has “V.” I was curious as to whether or not you’ve been watching it? I’m not usually a big sci-fi fan, but I find myself strangely addicted to this show!

    • Yes, V has been renewed. I watched the first two episodes and was not impressed, I haven’t watched it since. If you go back and read my first graveyard post several of my shows got canceled last year too. I just can’t win. But then I have odd tastes, so me and 3 other people are probably watching these shows.

    • I loved “Flash Forward” and I wanted to marry “Defying Gravity” –that’s how much I loved that show. ABC really ticked me off when they cancelled that one! Both are (well, now “were”) good shows. I actually like “Trauma” and “Mercy” was even better, but they’re both getting the axe. Stupid Networks always cancel the shows I like.

      • This is why I don’t watch network television anymore. They cancel good scripted shows in place of stupid crap like Survivor and Rich Slutty Gold Digging Whores.. I mean the Bachelor. I love Guy Feiri but even that new “game show” Minute to Win It is stupid. Of course they needed to fill time slots after the whole Tonight Show debacle. The shows that I like that aren’t getting canceled are on cable, on USA and FX. JJ Abrams has a new show coming out this fall.. I loved Alias and his remake of Star Trek and I enjoy Fringe (although sometimes it’s even too strange for me).. I never got into Lost, but not surprised it had a cult following. Don’t know if I’ll follow his new show or not, but I’ll give it a chance.

  2. A lot of those shows like Heroes really tanked after the writer’s strike. Such a shame.

  3. Mercy killing! Love that. We loved Heroes at first but it’s gotten out of control. There was one season that I was so confused. I kept telling my hubby that it needed to end as a series before the confusing sub plots stopped holding my interest. I can only be strung along for so long.

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