Extra Large

“Extra Large” … Not exactly the words you want to hear if you’re on a diet.  Extra large fries lead to extra large pants.  But what if you’ve already been on that side of the fence? Wearing 3XL shirts for the past 2 years and solidly in a 2X for most of your young adult and adult life before that?

My 3X shirts are now too big for me, although I still wear them out of necessity (no wardrobe change yet), but I’ve started to wear some of my 2X shirts again and they fit comfortably.  But yesterday my wife brings home a shirt for me to try on, a 1XL tall.  I figure it will fit but will still be tight across the belly right? Wrong.. it fit perfectly.  She said the look on my face was priceless… you probably could have knocked me over with a feather.  Needing a 3X was kinda embarrassing, but when you’ve been in a 2X since age 13 you figure it will just always be like that.  She also brought home two pairs of khaki shorts in a size 42, which as she said she had to go to the regular men’s side, rather than the big and tall.  They also fit just fine.  My 46 pants that I wear to work are like wearing MC Hammer pants cause they are so big on me now, but again I wear them our of necessity.

So in this case Extra Large (with no numbers in front!) is a good thing!



  1. Hurray! New clothes sizes are the one of the best parts of losing weight!

  2. Awesome post and terrific acheivement!!

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    I am a recent graduate in Food Science (NC State, 2009) and I work for a major food manufacturing company. I love food, but I can no longer eat anything that crosses my path. About 24 months ago I begin a serious struggle to get my obesity under control and reduce my chances of developing Type II diabetes. Since September of '09 I have lost 50 pounds and I still have a long ways to go. I've started eating better and exercising more, including taking up running.