Songs to Run To

My friend and fellow blogger Amanda told me about the Two Gomers Run a Marathon podcast a while back but I just started listening to it a couple of days ago.  One of the segments of their podcast is “Songs to Run To” where each of the two guys name one song each episode that they like to run to.  I thought I would do my own list of songs to run to, since I feel like I have some good songs in my collection for running.

I don’t own an mp3 player, so I don’t listen to music when I walk/run but I’ve given Amanda suggestions and helped her make playlists so I wanted to make a list of stuff I would listen to, if I was going to listen to music while running.

I looked through my collection and looked for songs that had a good strong beat to it, some of them related to running (however loosely) or have an inspirational “get ya going” message to em.  Here’s a list I came up with last night that’s about 30 minutes worth of music, you could add or subtract songs based on your pace or race length, or just put it on shuffle.

Starting line:
I like this song to start out, pump ya up, get in the mood.
Racscal Flatts – Life is a Highway

During the Race:
These could play in any order.
Kayne West – Stronger – Good beat and inspiring.. make ya stronger.
Metallica – Fuel
Disturbed – Inside the Fire – Great beat, heavy
Dragonforce – Valley of the Damned – Very fast paced beat
Akon – Beautiful – Love the beat
Alter Bridge – White Knuckles – More heavy fast rock
Avantasia – Breaking Away
Dirty Vegas – Days go By – Nice beat, fun song
Journey – Don’t stop believing – Near the end.. keep going!

Finish Line:
This would take some intricate play list timing, but I think this would be a pretty cool way to finish, but it’s only 1 minute long.
Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack – Here Comes the King (from the Trailer)
Very upbeat, triumphant, brass/trumpets.

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