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Yesterday on Facebook I saw a link for .  I checked it out and it was a program through which companies can find athletes to try their products and join a “team”.  They call them ambassadorships on the website, but also refer to them as “sponsorships”.  I looked it over and it seemed like something interesting, and it’s also something that’s a part of which is where I look up all my running events as well as tips and hints etc.  I decided to start a profile, just on a whim.  It doesn’t cost anything and they don’t ask for any money or anything, so it certainly seems to be legitimate.   If it was through some random company and not a good running/sports site like I may not have signed up for it.

On the profile they had all kinds of options for people, biking, swimming, camping, hunting, running, walking, hockey, football, basketball, all kinds of sports.  The different sponsors would choose people based on different sports and different activity levels.  I chose Running 5Ks, as well as Walking 5Ks, Charity Walks, Casual Walker, Camping and Golfing.  They also had different categories like Coach, Athlete, Mom, Trainer, Blogger.  I chose Athlete and Blogger.

Surprisingly they already had one Ambassadorship that I was eligible to apply for.  TeamGoSmart from Omron Pedometers is looking for walkers or runners who are training for a 5K and would use their pedometer while they are training.  The interesting thing was, this Ambassadorship was also for bloggers and they wanted people who were chronicling their training.  Hey that’s me!

I don’t really expect to get selected since it said they were only looking for 16 people (out of about 3000 people on the site), but if I did get selected here’s what I would get.

A branded tech shirt – probably would say Omron or Team GoSmart
A GoSmart pedometer or pace/distance tracker
A Flip Video Device (I looked this up and it’s a tiny camera the size of a phone or iPod)
Free 5K Race Entry
Complimentary Training Programs from Active Trainer
Cash Bonuses and other Program Incentives

And of course “A sense of satisfaction and pride as you cross the 5K finish line and motivate others to do the same”

I looked up Team GoSmart from last year, which was 100 women from across America and they ran their races in places like Boston, Philly, Chicago, DC, San Fransisco, Phoenix, Denver etc.  The closest one for me would have been Washington DC which would be a 5 hour drive.  I know one of the things the sponsors look for is location, so if I’m nowhere near one of their sponsored races I probably won’t get picked but who knows.  Also since they are doing the different approach this year with the video blogs and only looking for 16 people it will be much harder to get picked also.  But I liked the fact that it seemed to be aimed at beginners as opposed to (totally made up) Team Michelob Ultra for Ultra Marathoners, or something like that.  The deadline for recruitment is next week, so maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll find out if I made it through the first screening and get invited to the second application process.


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