Still Waters 5K

Not a real 5K… but the name for my walking loop around my (very small) neighborhood.

Using the map program on where I track my walking, I figured out the loop around my neighborhood is 0.8 miles. 4 laps around is 3.2 miles, or about the distance of a 5K. At least I have a distance I can do when I’m practicing for events.

Today I did 3 laps around in 43 minutes.. which worked out to 14 minutes the first two laps and 15 minutes for the third lap. I use my cellphone as a timer so it’s only whole minutes, but it had just turned to 12:27 when I finished (I started at 11:44) so it was probably more like 42 minutes and some seconds.

If I had gone the 4th lap at 15 minutes that would have been 3.2 miles in 58 minutes which is right in line for my “normal” pace at a 5k.

Thursday I did two laps around, with some short stints of jogging and did the two laps in 28 minutes (first lap 15 minutes, second lap 13 minutes).

I’m trying to work my way up to actually RUN a 5K, but I know I need to lose a lot more weight to do that.

In two weeks (April 3rd) I will be participating in the Lillies Friend’s Got Friends 5K to benefit Neural Blastoma research. If I can I’m going to try to jog some parts of it and improve my time.. Wish me luck!


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  1. Good luck 🙂

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